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Without Money anyway a Gift

Without Money anyway a Gift. When your month is longer than your paycheck last, you can have some troubles to find a gift when you need one. Do not worry, here is the solution!

Look for creative ideas, cook or bake something, cut flowers from your own garden, kids also like a nosegay,

Look around you and see what you can spare, a book, a pack of coffee, a necklace or a tin of beer.

In this case, it’s not about the gift, it’s about the packaging. They even do not want to open it. Make a real art from the gift wrap!

Silver curling ribbon, aluminum foil, transparency foil and glossy (only black and off- white)

Fold it in the center and glue it with a glue-gun on the gift.

Without money anyway a gift
nice gift wrap

Without Money anyway a Gift

Make paper flowers

from wrapping paper with a bead and pipe cleaners, cut the head of a pet bottle and put them in. Glue the bottle on an old CD and fold a box, also glued on the CD. Put some chocolate in the box.

Without money anyway a gift
gift-wrap flowers
Surprise Gift Tube

Use an old post tube or Pringle bus and fill it up with some candy, a can of beer or mix drink, you can put in anything you want.

Make the outside beautiful with some glossy paper, this tube was black, so I kept it that way.

I cut it in the middle and glued the lid, so it becomes a real surprise when everything falls out.

Without money anyway a gift
surprise present
Give a Special Bottle

Use a combination of wrap paper and aluminum foil and some straws (wrapped in foil) and curly ribbon.

Wrap the bottle in aluminum foil.  Then follow the picture.

Without money anyway a gift
“alluminated” bottle
Tough Man Gift

How do you wrap a gift for a tough man?

Well, like this…..

Without money anyway a gift
tough man gift wrap

Make an art out of wrapping

With some lace and butterflies, you can create an awesome effect!

special gift wrapping

Loes Knetsch


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