Will my baby look like me?

Will my baby look like me?

And there you’re standing before the mirror. Your pregnant belly is growing fast. Your hands are resting around it, as if you want to protect your baby for the world it’s gone face soon.

You know his name already, and it wispers softly  through the room. The crib is ready. So are you.

On the bookshelf lies a stack of books about how to rease a child.


Will my baby look like me
Circle of babies

Several years later, everything you learned from those books, seems to be vanished, your ideal mirror is broken.

What went wrong?  What happened with that adorable little creature your held so close to your haert.

Will my baby look like me?


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Do you want your child to be a copy of you?

How do you act? What is your expletive? Do you ever throw things? Do you drag your child through the room when it’s not listening? Do you scream and shout? Do you….?

Which behavior is your child copying?

How we stand in life depends on our worldview and our upbringing. Most of the time people will copy behavior they learned in their childhood.

Do you really want to live “the broken mirror”, or are you gone repair the mirror?

Like Mahatma Gandhi said:”

Be the change you want to see in the world“.


By Loes Knetsch


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4 thoughts on “Will my baby look like me?”

  1. It's unbelievable how precisely kids adapt their parents habits and it seems that it's easier to adapt bad habits than the good ones.

    Genetics do only so much. I think over 70% of a childs character is formed through the behaviour parents show through the day, not knowing what it can cause in a child.

    Great video and thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hello Nicole, I know of a man who literally said: “(F-word) I don’t (curse) understand (curse) where my children (curse) learning all that swearing (F-word). I really (F-word-ing) don’t know! And he really didnot! Thanks for your reply, greetings Loes

  2. Wow! this is pretty intense but so true. They turn out much like you. I must be an OK person because I have a wonderful daughter who is actually a much better person than her mom is.

    1. Hi Shirley, it’s a bit like, look at your children and see yourself, you most be some lady too than. I would say, we can learn a lot from children and from eachother, often the other is our own mirror, Loes

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