when you are in debt

When you are in debt….

When you are in debt. The last thing you’re waiting for is someone coming through your door, and ask you to give money for some aid fund, you will think, heck I am in debt myself.

I can not cope myself, and I really do not know how to pay my own bills.

When you are in debt
Last pennies
Last pennies

When you are in debt….

By checking your purse, you only find a few  dimes, not knowing if you will need it yourself on short notice. It’s not an unwillingness, not greed, not if you do not care. You just have a lack of money. There goes more money out, then there is coming in. But you can have enough time, and when you have enough time, you can offer physical help, and be helpful by running doors and collect money for a good aid.

You care, alright, but you cannot help with the amount of money  you want to.

(When you do have enough to give away, you can put a jar in your home for aidfunds and always have a bit of spare money in your pocket, there are always needed people on the road)

When you are in debt
Saving jar

Fortunately, there are more ways to be helpful.

You, luckily, still have an internet connection, and can search and find petitions to sign and organizations to follow.

You can, for instance, sign a petition on  Avaaz

or sign up for Human Right Watch

or follow the actions of Amnesty International on Facebook

A lot of organization are trying to do so much good, but they cannot survive without your willingness to help them, either financially or physically.

Your interest will be so helpful to the whole world


Loes Knetsch

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2 thoughts on “When you are in debt….”

  1. Hi Loes,
    I love the idea of planning for charitable giving before you are asked. So many times our spare change gets tossed aside with no real purpose. This type of planning gives that resource a very noble purpose!
    I also love that you make it clear that there is more to being charitable than giving money. Time, attention and your voice are also things that can be used for a noble purpose, as you point out.

    Thanks for helping with the awareness!


    1. Hi Christy, we can give so much, by just being interested, my life is so rich, compared to so many others on this world, Loes

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