Cooking and baking with kids

What’s cooking? Or better said, Who’s cooking?  Cooking and baking with kids is always a success formula to keep children  busy during a rainy day.

Some recipes, easy and fun to make with your children.

Cooking and baking with kids

Handy Cupcakes Cubes

Baking cupcakes in ice cubes

Lovely eatable cupcake holders! Just bake them in ice cubes! The 5-year-old boy was too small for the table 😉 But he was quite handy filling the ice cubes!

Baking Cookies

Any cookie recipe will do, always a success with kids! And we decorated the jar 🙂


Apple Roses

When you make a present from the Apple Rose Cookies, you can make a folder with the children and add the recipe too. (Click on the picture below and save)

Recipe Apple Roses

Apple roses recipe
Click on pictures for watching the video

Set the Table

Lotus flower
The Lotus Flower

To cover the table neatly you need napkins

Here you see a few examples for folding napkins

Crown napkin
The Crown
Pocket Square Napkin
The Pocket Square

The Lotus Flower

Decent Chefs Clothing

When you are going to cook or bake, you need proper clothing.

From an old sheet, we cut an apron and ironed a pattern on it, which the kids colored with fabric paint. Of course, I had to make a chef’s hat as well.

Baking clothe

We ended up in the kitchen baking cookies for the whole family. We have wrapped the cookies in foil, labeled them with a name and finished with a ribbon.


Cinnamon Cookies

250 g. margarine, 250 g. flour, a pinch of salt, 125 ml water, powdered sugar for on the worksheet, 60 g.sugar and teaspoon cinnamon for in between the dough roll and on top of it (see pics) cut in slices of 0,5 cm.

200 C. 15 minutes

Sauerkraut dish

The easiest way of cooking with children is making an oven dish.

Dinner for 4-6 people.

Add in a baking dish the next ingredients:

900 gr. Burgundian seasoned new potatoes (ready cooked to buy) 450 gr. sauerkraut, 100 gr. bacon in pieces and 12 marinated chicken wings on top.

Cover with aluminum foil and put the dish 1- 1.5 hour at 200 degrees in the oven.

Sauerkraut dish
Sauerkraut dish

Serve with dish-gravy.

Apple cake

apple cake
apple cake

The cooking guys, 3 and 4 years of age

Take a big bowl and let the kids fill it up with:

apple cake
apple cake

500 gr. self-raising flour,

500 gr. brown sugar,

250 gr. oatmeal

melt 400 gr. butter

and like the picture above, let them mix all of this

When it is all stick together into a big ball (to dry? add a little bit of water)

put it about 1 inch thick on the

baking sheet (15×15 inch – 40×40 cm)

and while the kids are busy making a real art craft in and outside the bowl

You can you can peel and grate

apple cake
apple cake

8 apples

mix them with some


sugar and


(optional some raisins)

apple cake
apple cake

let the children put the apples on the dough

sprinkle over some oatmeal at last

She is ready to bake!

For 1 hour on 175 degrees Celsius/ 347 degrees Fahrenheit

Just below the middle of the oven

I wish you all Bon Appétit in about one hour

Tip: This is also a very nice homemade gift for a man

(I, myself, have always problems to think up a present for a man)


 Cheese cookies

cheese biscuits
cheese biscuits
cheese biscuits
cheese biscuits

Puff pastry and grated cheese

(most suitable is, of course, the famous Dutch cheese)

Let the kids stand-out figures put cheese on top

and they are ready to bake

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C = 400 °F

and warm puff 5 to 10 minutes.




  Always a big hit!

They can make their own favorite,

lots of meat, with pineapple, paprika or onions,

Whatever they like.

I had the meat marinated in advance.

We made it on an electric plate, but a BBQ or a frying pan does the job as well.

Funny PIZZA!

Make the dough using Pizza- mix

funny pizza
Funny pizza

Cut in advance red, green and yellow paprika, onion, pineapple, tomatoes, ham, and salami. You also can use corn, mushrooms, and olive. And of course grated cheese. Fry some meatloaf with garlic and Italian herbs, when ready, throw a pot of pasta sauce within.

Give every child +/- 150 gr. dought

and let them be creative with the food

Pancake pie

pan cake pie
pancake pie

Make pancakes from a mix, with eggs and milk.

Make vanilla custard pudding,

65 gr custard-150 gr sugar, 1 L milk

a jar of strawberry jam (heated)

a bottle of strawberry sauce

Pancake-pudding-pancake-jam-pancake-pudding etc…..

pan cake pie strawberry sauce
pancake pie strawberry sauce

You serve it with a strawberry topping sauce.

More recipes for kids are following soon, see you later…




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4 thoughts on “Cooking and baking with kids”

  1. I do hope that’s the lovely Dutch apple cake I remember from my days in The Netherlands. How about one for delcious Dutch pancakes or Speculaas next? My favourite and all the spices make it a real sensory experience for the kids. 🙂

  2. PANCAKE PIES?? That is the most awesome breakfast/lunch/dinner ever lol! I’m going to wrap mine in bacon and say “Forget you heart” 🙂

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