What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

and what do we explain to our precious grandchildren?


Pesticides are meant to be very toxic. We add them deliberately to our environment. They are meant to kill insects to maintain crops.

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

Credit: D: Kenya mau-forest complex trans mara Rift small planes spraying chemicals on grain growers wheat grains agricultural pesticide health food quality security agriculture horizontal – Fred Hoogervorst, Wildlife and travel photography from photo nl.mystockphoto.com

With as result less insects, and that means less birds. Alarming mortality among bees, which means less crop. Planting in nature is getting toxic by polluted groundwater.

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

More and more animals are getting effected. Increasingly land is being polluted.

How ignorant are we?

We are the mammals with sense? When are we gone use it?

We use soil fumigants. Residents, children and farmers are suffering from respiratory problems, tantalizing eyes and skin rashes.

What on earth are we thinking?

Yes, there are guidelines from the government, about which poison is aloud and how much. Which poison is not killing us directly and which poison is killing us directly.

And we use both, in the agricultural sector and in the war sector.

In the mean while there are pesticides in our:

  • CropWhat do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren
  • Fruit
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Conserve
  • Drinking water

Also in

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Rivers
  • Air
  • Groundwater

Even in our clothing!

The cotton industry works with fertilizer, pesticides and defoliant.

Only 2.5% of the arable land is producing biologic cotton.

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren
Biologic cotton label

What do you know about the results in the future?

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren?

  • There are pesticides who cause cancer.
  • Some can cause damage to our genetic material.
  • Other pesticides disrupt the functioning of our hormones.
  • Pesticides can disrupt the functioning of our immune system.
  • Many insecticides act on the central nervous system.
  • Some pesticides are absorbed by our fat tissue. The combined effect of such a cocktail of harmful substances is unpredictable.


We know that we are messing up, and we are still going on.

There are definitely a few essential things we need to survive.

Air, water and food

And we poison all three of them.

Remarkable, we need organisations like Greenpeace to conquer for a healthier and cleaner environment.

Where is our common sense gone to.

 So, what do you tell your grandchildren when they ask: “Grandma and Grandpa didn’t you know these chemicals where bad for us?

What will your answer be?


What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

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4 thoughts on “What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren”

  1. Great website! I am so glad you are helping people understand that pesticides are so very dangerous. I have grand kids and I would love it if they could live in a pesticide free world. And yes, people are very stupid for not considering the outcome of our actions. Thank you, Loes for this! Peggy

    1. Hi Peggy, nice to see you here, I am truly worried what will come to this world, when we are creating such a mess of it, greetings Loes

  2. I’m so glad you have posted this, I talk about this every day and try to make people join organisations like March Against Monsanto and to try to choose organic products and also products that have nothing to do with Monsanto and the other huge conglomerats. It is not easy to find stuff like that, but with a bit of persistance it is doable. Thanks for this article! Blessings, Kristina

    1. Hello Kristina, it is a terrible thing big companies are messing around with the food chain, trying to get a monopoly position in a field all people need, more people sould be shaken awake to see this villian behavior, thanks for your reply, Loes

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