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Toymail Free Voice Messaging For Kids, So Cute!

Update: Unfortunately, a warning came out for toys and devices like this. It has to do with the privacy and security of this toy.

You can read here my findings of the warning


This is quite a find! I like it a lot!
Toymail free Voice Messaging For Kids.
Can you imagine that you as mum or dad really have to work, and leave your kid in a daycare or at the babysit, and you have the opportunity to send your little girl or boy an instant message 🙂

Look at how it works, it makes you smile from ear to ear!

You got to love this little “Meatball”.

You connect the little mailman to your home Wifi
Then record a message anytime, anywhere, and send it to your sweetheart.
As you know, I am affiliated with the products I tell you about on my website, this “Mailman” isn’t having an affiliate program, but still I truly like this so much, so that’s why I wrote this post.

Toymail free Voice Messaging For Kids

 Toymail Free Voice Messaging For Kids
Toymail Mailman

When the mailman is snorting, wheezing or whining, your kid will know they’ve got a new message. And your child can respond directly from their toy.

I hope it will strengthen the band between family members who can’t be together through circumstances. You can order your MAILMAN here at Toymail

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