The worst kids toys

The worst Kids toys, my review

Every day I am looking at Cartoon network, or some other kids TV channel. I am so surprised about the terrible toys grown-ups come up with. The ads which are displayed to kids. The wannahaves!!

I will share my top 10 in random order of the most terrible kids toys they have invented nowadays. And under the video or picture you will find my comment on these toys.

The worst kids toys in my opinion.

 1. Zoomer Zuppies – € 39,95

This is so terrible. The ad is saying it’s ideal for children who can’t have their own puppy be cause of an allergy. I spontaniously develop an allergy for these fony toys. So are the Zoomer Dinos an Kitties

Click here If you still want to buy a Zoomer Zuppie

2. DigiDino Apollo – € 9,99

Never ever saw something as mind blowing like this to give your children.

Click here when you want to buy a DigiDino

The same story you can apply for the 3. DigiBirds –

€ 4.99 a piece


Click here if you want to purchase the Digibirds

4. The wall racer – € 41.06

Who the heck, wants his children to ride with cars on the wall??

Some comments I found on the internet:

After half an hour the car was already gone.
New batteries … unfortunately without result

Does not move right
The wall racer is a setback. He sticks well as the windows but does not run on it. Also on the floor he comes barely ahead. This is probably because the wheels underneath not protrude enough to drive. I returned the car.

If you still want to buy the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Drive click here

5. Charley Sheen bobblehead – € 49.95

What on earth are you thinking? Giving this to your child!

When you really want to buy this head, click here

6. Peacekeepers camouflage rifle 59 cm – € 8.74

 Peacekeepers camouflage geweer 59 cm kids toy

What a terrible way to teach your kids about peace.
To give a rifle to an eight year old child? Would that learn the child something about peace?

To get a peacekeeper for your child, click here

7. Cobra Attack – € 27.99

This video is in Spanish but it shows enough about the imitation of this toy. To buy this  very dangerous cobra click here

It’s from the same category as

8. Bello bites – € 24.99

Bello Bites

Click here to buy this doggy

9. Walking Dead doll – € 28.95

Walking Dead Doll

Age 4 year?? Great! Which twisted mind is bringing something  like this on the market?

You can buy this stuff here

10. Pie Face – € 43.99

pie face

Well,  need I say something about this? Spray can whipped cream? The stupidity slaps you right in the face.

Buy it here, exclusive cream

The worst Kids toys are of all times.

Not only today, but in the past there has been quite a few missers too. To name a few.

Skipper which you could stretch and give boobies.
A saddle for Daddy? OMG!
Little kiddies smoking package???
And the inventer of the badman waterpistol surely saw his error after the production of this toy.

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