The V of Vinegar

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks

The V of Vinegar

Vacuum Cleaner

  • Do you have a vacuum cleaner without pockets? Vacuum your patio with it, faster and neater than sweeping.

vacuum cleaner



  • Screw on the back of the stereo cabinet in some places Velcro and lead/ fix cords.
  • Cheap way to ward off mosquitos. Staple Velcro on the window frame and stick the mosquito net on it.



The V of Vinegar


  • Spray your pavement/gravel with diluted vinegar against weeds.


  • Put vinyl on top of your kitchen cupboards, easy to clean, take it off, clean it and put it back on.


When you have a household tip starting with a V, please leave your tip below, I would appreciate that very much.

handy household tips and tricksThe V of Vinegar


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