The S of Shoes

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 The S of Shoes


  • Keep a special scissor in the kitchen, much more convenient than a knife, I snip meat, lettuce, spaghetti, endive etc.

Shoe boxes (eg Trones (3p) -. Ikea)

  • Do you have small rooms? Use shoe boxes for everything you want.  Suitable for soup packets, seasoning packets, administration / envelopes, lamps stock, pastas, chipsbak etc. Extremely convenient.

Ikea Trones

Shoebox shoeboxes



  • Different socks is clumsy, buy 10 or 20 pairs of the same, always have a pair, when one has a hole,  you just throw one away, you always have a match!



  • Your favorite shoes are peeling of leather, don’t throw them away (yet;). You can save them!

You need an old plastic card, a hard nail brush and impregnating spray. And an hour or two…

First you slide the layer of leather off with the card. Then brush well to remove all small loose pieces. Then you spray them with impregnation spray.

Do it outside on a nice day, because it does make a mess.

Finally, grease the heels for an optimal result.

And look here… as good as new.

Shoe are peeling leather


  • WC well, throw a tablet Steradent go into the well before bedtime, to keep it clean and shiny.
  • Recycling of PET bottles, clean them with a quarter tablet Steradent. Watering can and vases make you shiny clean with Steradent.
  • Let thermocans and teapots soak overnight.
  • Bath ducks and water toys, suck up Steradent withdraw overnight shake well and rinse thoroughly.


Sweat Sneakers
  • Avoid sweat sneakers. Stop the sneakers a day in the freezer, and the bacteria that cause the air will die.

Sweat sneakers


When you have a household tip starting with an S, please leave your tip below, I would appreciate that very much.

Handy household tips and tricksThe S of Shoes


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