The P of Panty

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 The P of Panty



  • Is your pantyhose broken? It is not useless yet!
  • Is your pearl or bead chain broken? Put pantyhose around the vacuum tube, a little bit inside and suck them all in there.
  • Lost your eye lens? The vacuum also with a pantyhose in the tube.
  • Use a panty in a can of paint, it prevents lumps on the brush


  • Hook your bra strips through a paperclip to keep them in place under your shirt.
  • You can reset almost any device with a paperclip.


  • Always have a handful of pegs in the kitchen to close sugar, coffee, chip bags, etc., with a peg


  • Get the pencil spring out, before you throw an empty pencil away. You can use the spring to strengthen cords.

cord_repair pen spring


Pet bottle recycling

  • Use the neck and cap of a pet bottle to seal plastic bags

pet bottle seal

  • Fill pet bottles half with water, put them into the fridge, fill the other half when you need cold water and a cooling element on a warm day.


  • Take a picture of your shopping list before you go into town. So you can not lose him.
  • If you want to buy something in a matching color for your interior, take a picture before shopping.
  • Take a photo of business cards you want to remember. Then you will not have to look for it later.
  • Take screenshots of great ideas and save them into your idea folder.

Post-it note

  • Stick a post-it note to the wall and fold it halfway back up, where you want to drill a hole. You will catch most gravel.


  • Do not throw away your ink cartridges at once when it says empty, wait another hour and print as much as children’s drawings as you can.
  • If your printer has no black ink left, change the color to #010101 for 99% gray.

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When you have a household tip starting with a P, please leave your tip below, I would appreciate that very much.


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