The M of Mobile Phone

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 The M of Mobile Phone


  • Do you get every day a lot of mail from Wealthy Affiliate, then add a new folder and redirect this mail directly into it.
  • Use the Ctlr+F keyboard keys to find an email quickly.

Medication capsules

  • Medication capsules can be so big you have problems to get them through your throat, take them in with a spoonful of applesauce, then they just slip inside.

 The M of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

  • You really don’t want to know how contaminated your mobile phone is, you can wipe it with any frequency with alcoholic refreshment towels, or wipes for glasses

Alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes

  • If you play a game on your mobile phone in the airplane mode you don’t get ads.
  • You can use an old retro cassette box as a mobile phone stand.
  • Enhance your loudspeaker by putting the phone into an empty glass, your alarm will work better too.
  • Do you need a mirror quick? Put your smartphone on front-facing camera, as you make a selfie.
  • Is your phone hard case broken, and it takes a few days to get a new one? Blow up a balloon and push your phone on the balloon while slowly letting him run empty. The balloon will fold around your phone.
  • Put your phone on airplane modes when your battery is almost empty. Then he uses less energy.
  • A mobile phone charges faster in airplane modes.
  • Stop a backup banknote between your phone case and the phone. You always have money with you at places where you suddenly can not pin.
  • Lost your touch screen pencil? Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around a pencil and you’ll have an instant touch screen pencil.
  • Clean your touch screen with toothpaste and a cloth.

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Handy household tips and tricksThe M of Mobile Phone


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