The Living Death

The Living Death

When you believe in eternal life, death cannot exist. After all the word “eternal” encloses the whole. We are here as an eternal spirit in a nondurable physical body. Living in a dualistic world, where the contrasts confirm the truth.

Yesterday I attend a funeral, and I did want to comfort the loved ones behind, with words of relief and I want to give them understanding. But at that moment, I cannot just explain to them my vision. It would not be proper to speak it out.

Our spirit is eternal living in the whole of the great One.

We live in a life circle, in a realm, as an eternal spirit in this visual world, while still staying an eternal spirit on the other side.

So, when death appears at our doorstep, it only can be a transform from the nondurable back to our eternal awareness.

When you become aware of all spirits present here in their physical bodies, are also present in the spiritual world, you recognize death as an illusion. It cannot be otherwise, because we are immortal and eternal. As in the Bible is written, there be no lack in Heaven.  I assume our loved ones are their waiting for our arrival, as well as they are here morning for our pass away.

I think, we are all One in the eternal, and we make some “dream trip” into the impermanence.

Like to refer to it as God is on Holiday, experiencing Itself.

When you believe like me, God is in everything you see, hear, feel and experience. There is no other, no difference in the One spirit.

When you think about that concept….

Who are you hurting, when you hurt a person, an animal or nature?

And what are you violating by polluting and destroying life on earth?

Your Self The Only One who Exist


I love to read the books from Neale Donald Walsch, He gives in a very striking manner a clear vision about God and Life.

For reading the summary of Neale Donald Walsch bestsellers you can follow this link.

The living death
Home with God

My favorite book is Home with God, in a life that never ends.


By Loes Knetsch

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14 thoughts on “The Living Death”

  1. Death is never a nice thing when it happens to someone you love. But through all the pain, we all know that the person's life is what it was meant to be and that person is in the greatest place ever.

    1. Hello Frikkie, Thank you for the comment.  I know, we all have to cope with loosing people we love, and it can bring your whole life experience upsite down, I really would like pull death out of the taboo sphere, we all know, we come and go… I even think our spirit never leaves the greatest place ever. Loes

  2. I lost my son last year unexpectedly, it has been very hard to deal with.

    People always say, It will get better with time. I believe you just get uses to the pain and deal with it. 

    You can tell yourself you will see them again in heaven but we are flesh and we live in this world. We miss them and realize they really are gone. So I take it day by day and thank God for my many blessings. I have faith that life is eternal and he is there waiting.


    1. Hello Faith, sorry to hear of your pain and lost, as you say, we are human, with our human experiences. And just when you think it is going better, some occurrence or song can shake you back to the past. How different it would be, if we only could peek around the corner and see for ourselves, everything is allright, just that little confirmation would change our believe in knowing, want to give you a hug, Loes

  3. I don't know who said this, but reading this post made me think of it:

    "A person dies twice, once when life leaves their body, and secondly when their name is spoken for the last time."

    To me that has always been a really deep statement!


    1. Hi Dustin, thanks for your reply. As far as I know it is a quote of Banksy. Banksy is the pseudonym of a world-renowned British artist. And what you are talking about is “death” seen via the human mind. In eternal life you will never be forgotten. Greetings Loes

      1. Cool. I didn't know that was Banksy! I love his work. It's so cool. 

        And yeah, you're spot on about the worldy view of death!


  4. You are right. Entirely. But when it happens to the closest person to you, things change. Because our heart, our feelings, are way ahead our ration, is one thing to know and another to feel it. 

    And I know what am I talking about. Unfortunately. 
    It helps a lot to imagine that the person who left is actually only left in a vacation somewhere, or on business, it doesn't matter where. When this happens our feelings are just the same, his/her feelings are just the same. This is maybe something that we must always remember, not only when sad moments really happens. 


    1. Hi Laura, thank you very much for your reply, we all stay human, even when we recognize our heavenly spirit in our selves, we are created to feel, so we can experience all kind of things, and yes, we sould remember it at every encounter we have in life, greetings Loes

  5. What a nice heartfelt Post.  We are only hurting ourselves when we choose to destroy someone or something.  What a beautiful expression and I loved the song.  I will always remember…"It's not far, just close by…"  I will spread the word and thank you creating a beautiful site.  Please keep me updated!

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