The H of Hair

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks

The H of Hair

Hair (remove)

  • If you don’t own a special equipment to remove hair or fluff from clothes, wind tape backward around your fingers and grab all hair and fluff.

Lilly brush

lilly brush


  • You can get hairbands in all colors, when the loop is missing from your belt, use a hairband in the same color.

Hair clips

  • You can use hair clips to lead plants
The H of Hair
Hair clip

Heavy object (move)

  • when you want to move a heavy object. For instance, the base of the parasol put a rope around it and pull it to the place of destination
  • To move a closeth or machine upstairs, pull bands around it, two-man above pulling, and one below steering


  • Grow herbs yourselves, eg. Celery, parsley, mint, and basil, grind them in a food processor in a lot of water, throw in a sieve and freeze them in bags per tablespoon or in ice cubes. All winter you have fresh herbs from the garden, for example in lettuce, soup, and mashed potatoes (be careful with dill and tarragon, it tastes somewhat overbearing)


When you have any Tips & Tricks for me starting with an H please leave your comment beneath, I will appreciate that very much.

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