The G of Garbage

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks

The G of garbage

On a site like this are of course garbage tips.

Green container

  • To keep the bottom  of the container dry throw a few old newspapers on the bottom.

Waste bin

waste bin

Garbage bags

  • Buy one for each bin a roll and throw it at the bottom, never walking back and forth for new bags, just tear …
  • Always have a few garbage bags in your car, can come in handy when your car stops and you have to crawl under it, also when it rains, make three holes in it and wear it as a jacket.

Gabage tetrapack

  • Make the uppersite of the pack open and fold inward and use the pack as garbage container on the sink for all those small things.

Glasses Wipes

  • With special wipes for glasses you can clean a lot more: laptop Screens, monitors, phones, calculators, keyboards, remote Controls, TV screens


When you have any Tips & Tricks for me starting with a G please leave your comment beneath, I will appreciate that very much.


handy household tips and tricksThe G of Garbage

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