The E of Energy

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks

The E of Energy

Ear plugs

  • Put on one side of your ear plug a knot in the thread then you always know what’s right and left.
  • Use a hard case glasses case for your ear plugs, USB stick, touch screen pen to keep all together.


  • How to peel an egg quickly

Egg cartons

  • Use empty egg cartons as starter pots for growing plants from seeds as starter pots for growing plants from seeds. Be warned the cardboard can go a bit soggy if you over-water. Because the egg carton is biodegradable, you simply pop the whole thing into the final spot when the seedling is ready to plant outside or in a larger pot.                  Tip: Jolie
  • Put an egg tray under your laptop if it gets too hot.

Energy Savers – Energy Eaters

  • Buy a set-up plug with an “on and off” switch for your phone charger and microwave etc. it is so easy to let the plugin, and when turning the plug off, you will be saving up to  $ 8.00 a year/plug.

The E of Energy

  • Re-arrange your electrical devices, which can put out, stick them in a socket with an “on and off” switch. For game computers, DVD, Video, Printers, Scanners, microwave etc.

Ideal socket

ideal socket

  • When you use a washing dryer, take your wash halfway out, shake the steam out and put it back in, it will reduce the drying time with 20-30 minutes
  • Pull a sweater on, before you turn on the heater
  • Let  frozen foods defrost  in the refrigerator, the refrigerator consumes less energy than
  • Turn the refrigerator off and the door open when you go on holiday
  • If your freezer is half full, then put empty boxes in, you get less icing

When you have any Tips & Tricks for me starting with an E please leave your comment beneath, I will appreciate that very much.


handy household tipsThe E of Energy

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