The D of Dishwasher

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks

The D of dishwasher

Dish soap

  • Cleaning windows, you just need a few drips of dish soap.
  • Clean your glasses with pure dish soap, and dry with a soft towel.
  • Clean a denture with dish soap and a dishbrush


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  • Put every week your racks and kernels of the stove in it.
  • Put plastic toys in it, if they are washable.


Dishwasher Cubes

  • A fryer who’s not suiteble for the dishwasher, let it simmer for a while with rack in water and dishwasher block, look out for boiling, that can get really rough


  • For people who have difficulty in disposing of their drawer contents, put the contents in a box and write a date on it, and bring it in the garage, if you haven’t missed anything after a year, it can go unseen in the container.


  • Use baby lotion whipes for dusting

Duvet cover

  • Bind the opening of each duvet cover with a strong thread of cotton, so there will be no laundry “disappearing” in the duvet.



  • Do you have a roof drainage that comes out nowhere, dig a pit of 60×60 cm and min. 80cm deep (or possibly under the clay layer) coated the walls with normal paving stones and poured it full with bricks and boulders, the upper layer with ornamental stone, works perfectly.
The D of Dishwasher

When you have any Tips & Tricks for me starting with a D please leave your comment beneath, I will appreciate that very much.

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