The Boomerang effect

The Boomerang Effect. An other way to address bullying. Everything you do will someday get back to you. Not in the same physical form but in the emotional feeling that is attached to your actions. We are all one in spirit, so it is a real possibility life works this way.

The Boomerang effect

Whén it’s going to come back to you, is not your choice, but that it does is for sure. The good feelings and the bad ones.

When you are aware of this phenomenon, you probably are gone think before you say something or act on a specific way.

I think that the only way that works against bullying, is to make people aware of the boomerang effect what they call out over themselves. When they realize that every emotional feeling you give to each other, will eventually hit you back, you think twice before you hurt a living being.

To learn The Boomerang effect to our children should be priority No 1

The Boomerang effect

Our first priority in education should be to protect our children from themselves. We should pay a lot of attention to their way of behavior, and warn them for the consequences.

The boomerang hitting them back

Not only at home but everywhere it is from great importance this awareness grows. Help stop bullying by giving this awareness to the children and adults who are engage in bullying. Educate your children by telling them what the results can be when they are acting violent against a living being

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today you can change your awareness and show it to the world.

Are you aware of what you attract, is it all good?

Do you want that to be yours?

By Loes Knetsch

Photo: Gideon from Paris, France (Friendship)via Wiki media Commons

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2 thoughts on “The Boomerang effect”

  1. Hmm… I understand where you are going but is there a specific age group that we can use this with? What about for children aged 5-6 years old? What would you recommend?

    1. Hello Lee, most posts are written to enlarge awareness, and you can tickle awareness by very young children. As in all bringing up, is in this also repeat necessary. I run a daycare, with children from 1-8 and we talk about this a lot, don’t say or do to others what you don’t like to experience yourself. The youngest will not understand, but children copy grownups and take over behaviour of other children. So you can start very young. I wrote a course with this subject for the age 8-88. Regrettable in dutch, but planning to translate it some day. Accesible on my other website, even have some booklets to download in English

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