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The B of Baby

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks & Life Hacks

The B of Baby

Baby socks

  • How stay socks on baby feet?  Baby socks are always falling off,  put Masking Tape around the ankle and fold the collar of the sock back. They stay all day where they belong, be aware you do not tape it to tied.

Baby sweaters

  • fix baby sweaters with masking tape at the back.


Baby diapers cotton

  • Newborn often wear cloth diapers, you can fix them with masking tape, much more convenient than safety pins.


Baby oil wipes

  • You can use baby oil whips for faucets and stainless steel, sinks, they shine like new again.
  • Clean rims easy.


Baby lotion wipes

  • Dusting becomes a kids chore


  • Put a couple of tennis balls in the washing dryer when you want to puff up padded clothes.


  • Use the cupcake bakery form for BBQ sauces


  • Fold all the sheets into a pillow case, you have all necessary supplies at once next time you chance the sheets.


  •                    Put jars with a bit of beer in the garden to catch snails.


  • A black baked RVS pan? Let him cook an hour on a small fire with Biotex.



  • Keep food warm for over three hours, in a blanket. Ideal for late guests arrive.



  • Do you have many unread books in the bookcase? Stick a sticker on each book cover so you can easily see which book you did not read yet.
The B of Baby
Marking Books




  • Are you suddenly without a gift? Dive into the bookcase and give a still nice looking book.


  • Shop in an incognito window for lower price offers.
  • Click a link with your scroll wheel on the mouse, it will open in a new tab.



  • Cleaning with buttermilk. If you have a dirty black coating in your bath, anoint with buttermilk, leave to soak and rinse with warm water.

When you have any Tips & Tricks for me, starting up with a B please leave your comment beneath, I will appreciate that very much.

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