the art of housekeeping - low budget fitness

The Art of housekeeping – Low Budget Fitness

The Art of housekeeping – Low Budget Fitness – Make a treat for doing the household. I read about it and loved it at once!

I have friends who pay $ 40 a month for a fitness center and drive there by car. Meantime they are complaining about the costs, their lack of energy and time to do chores.

Turn over your house into a fitness center.  Most people direct their cabinets on the easiest height, everything they often use, they put at easy reach. Change that in the upper and bottom shelf. So you burn calories by bending and stretching.

The Art of housekeeping – Low Budget Fitness

Hang your laundry on the line again to burn your energies while saving electricity. Put the laundry basket on the floor and bend and stretch.

The Art of houskeeping - Low Budget Fitness
Bend and stretch

Do every errand in a radius of 2 km on foot or by bicycle.

Feel well about yourself while doing the housekeeping, turn on the music and sing with it whiles cleaning the toilet. Do a little dance now and then. Have you ever seen “Look who’s talking” the scene where Kristy Alley is dancing before the fridge? That is what I mean!

Create and raise housekeeping into an art, be aware.

“That is the simple secret of happiness. Whatever you are doing, do not let passed move your mind; do not let future disturb you. Because the past is no more, and the future is not yet”  Osho

Try it out, be aware of what you are doing, from now on you love to do the dishes or mop the floor. You are, after all, at the gym!

How can cooking your own dinner be a fitness workout?  How many calories do you burn while dusting? Mopping floors?  Using the stairs? Cleaning windows?

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[Source quote Osho: lexiyoga]

By Loes Knetsch

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2 thoughts on “The Art of housekeeping – Low Budget Fitness”

  1. Loes,
    I love your perspective. This is truly making lemonade out of lemons! Taking tasks that are a drudgery and turning them into a valuable part of your day is something we all need to do.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hello Christy, your welcome and thanks, I love to sing along with the radio, makes the job a lot easier, Loes

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