The A of Apple

The A of Apple

The A of Apple

Helpful Handy Household Tips & Tricks

The A of Apple


  • When you want to help people in need, most people think on money. But what if you have no money to do that, There are other ways. You can sign all kind of petitions at Amnesty International, Avaaz, or Human Right Watch  they need all the help they can get.


  •                   Set an alarm when you have to remember an appointment

For this alarm device, you do not need batteries,

it runs on water (H20)

H2O alarmH2O Alarm

The A of Apple


  • When you are cooking cabbage, always put a slice of apple in or by red or kale cabbage a whole apple to prevent belching.


When you have any Tips & Tricks for me starting with an A please leave your comment beneath, I will appreciate that very much.

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