Teach your children well

Teach your children well, Namasté – ji, so we can change the future in a decade.

Namasté – ji means “The soul in me greets the soul in you.”

Teach your children well

But how do we teach our children well? With bringing them to pre-school? Or to give them the oppertunity to visit the best school available?

Teach your children well, namasté - ji

What do I mean by this phrase, teach your children well?

I want to tell you my way how you can teach your children well.

Teach your children:

  1. Who they are. Teach your children they are a spiritual being
  2. In what context they are here on earth. That they are their soul, the spiritual being, and they have a body and have a mindset as tool.
  3. Why they are being here on earth. They are here on earth to experience everything they want to, in a way, that everything they do to others they will eventualy experience themselves too.
  4. How important they are. Teach them respect. Give them all your attention, when they ask you something.
  5. That all life forms are One. Teach them there are no lesser life forms only lower life forms, and that all is One in God
  6. What they are capable of, when dreaming and focusing. That they can have and be anything they want to, when they visualize and controle their thoughts

I will explain my answers on these phrases.

When you teach your children that they are a spiritual being, living in a body, with a mindset they can steer, in any direction they want it to go, you give them a precious gift. Because they will recognize common situations that arise in life, as things that they can adapt.

When they know, they are not their emotions, but they just have them, they simply can shift to an emotion they like better. When they know their soul is perfect, whole, compleet and eternal. And they know they have a body, instead of being a body, they can more easily accept some handicapts they have to deal with themselves, and see the real spirit behind the handicapts from others.

When you teach your children that what they send out, will come back to them. You teach them caution. You teach them to think, before they do something what would harm another living being.

When you want to teach them respect, give them respect. They are a compleet spiritual soul in a childs body. Playing with your phone, whilst they ask for attention, sends them the message:”I am not important”. Do you want to give that message to your child? When you really don’t have that earthly time to give your attention at that moment, tell them you will come back on the subject and give them a time, when you will do that.

You will not teach them respect for life, by running to the store for the cheapest meat, you are telling your child that there are lesser forms of life. And that some life on earth does not need any respect. And yes, there are lower life forms, but that does not mean they do not earn any respect.

You can not keep on eating meat of animals who are living a very disrespectful life, whitout the results of that treatments are coming back to you. You can not use unpunished defoliant spraying without causing serious damage to all life forms, including your own.

When you are speaking out words like, you can’t play with that child, because it has an other color or a  certain hair style or such,  you are learning your child that there are lesser people. Shifting people out on appearance, is something very different to shifting out people on behavior.

Teach your children well to learn them how to controle their thoughts, and controle your own thoughts about your children. Do not push them down. Tell them, I believe in you! Let them dream, have a vision and believe in their capability.

Teach them that every living being is here with its own agenda. The agenda of an oaktree is obvious. By contrast, the agenda of the human being is much more complicated. We are here to experience duality over oneness.

Be a bridge for your children, teach your children well

Teach your children well
Be that bridge for your children

What if every parent taught the children this life vision?

There would be two generations living a different way of life in an active manner.

 Namasté – ji



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8 thoughts on “Teach your children well”

    1. Hello Armandina, you’re welcome, hope you are also interested reading other posts here aswell 🙂 Greetings Loes

  1. Great advice! It is very true that if you treat your children a certain way they will eventually grow up in a like-manner. Children are like a sponge, they soak up all that they learn from you.

    Just like planting in a garden you first have to plant the seed and then nurture and respect the growth of the plant until it matures. The same especially holds true for children. If you want them to be important, respectful, and self assured then you have to give that to them first.

    1. Goodday to you Robert, thank you for your response, when I was 20 and started to rease my kids, I had many doubts about how to do it right, and missed a few major parenting skills, but looking backwards never helped anyone, with the passing of the years, I have learned a lot from the mistakes made in the education and developped some skills I did not had at the start, hope I can help some young starting parents to give them some handles, greetings Loes

  2. Wow. That is such a nice article. Your idea of teaching kid to be good human is really nice. In this modern world most of people are only after money, but I don’t say they are bad. But cause of that they are forcing their children also to study well and develop good career. But in my opinion career is nothing in front of character. If you have good character then you will find best career by yourself. I would rather want teach my children to be the good human than the rich career person.

    1. Hello Rajde, nice to see you here, the first and most important thing children should learn on school is gratitude,and when they truly understand what that means you can start with 1+1 = 2, that is my opinion, thanks for stopping by, really nice, greetings Loes

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