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Ways to Save the Environment

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Can we honestly tell our grandchildren that we didn’t had a clou? That we didn’t know about the melting icecap?
That we couldn’t prevent the felling of ancient forests?
That it is not our fault the water is getting polluted?
That we had no ways to save the environment?

Watch this impressive video from Prince Ea, after that we talk again.


Yes we will be sorry.
Sorry we did ignore the facts.
Sorry we do not have a “reserve earth”.
Sorry we only think about our own gain.
Sorry we messed thing up.

For what? For MONEY!

Money rules the world. And we are without scruple, wittingly, destroying the environment.

Can we really point a finger to governments, to industries, to multy-nationals?

Ways to Save the Environment?

Do you think before you buy something?
Do you know where your food comes from?
How do you throw your garbage away?How much energy do you use?

What kind of footprint do you leave on this planet?

Ways to Save the Environment!

OUR KITS are at stake!

Overcome your fear, and spread this words!
Use as much second hand articles as you can.
Recycle what ever you can.
Know we can change, stop and reverse this deadly process.
I am as much responsible as others.
Think before you do something.
Save this earth by working together as one!


Ways to save the environment
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