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Vintage Toys – Toys without Batteries

Vintage Toys –  toys without batteries.

When I run through a toys store nowadays, it seems to be quite often you need to put in batteries in toys. Most toys have to produce light and noise or have to move or fly by themselves. That is why I wrote this blog “Vintage toys – toys without batteries”.

construxions from Totum

I wonder which effect this has on our environment. All these batteries need to be replaced sometime. Batteries contain acid, harmful substances to the environment. A battery belongs to the small chemical waste. It also takes a lot of energy, raw materials, and CO2 emissions to make batteries.

Production of batteries


The production of batteries consumes a lot of energy. For the environment is avoiding using them therefore always the best. Some types of batteries contain heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury or lead. Heavy metals can cause health damage and ecosystem damage if they get into the environment. Heavy metals are therefore increasingly used in batteries. Since 2008, rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries are forbidden except in cordless tools and alarm systems. Mercury is also banned in most batteries. Only button cells may still contain mercury, but no more than 2 percent of the total weight.

Chemical waste

The harmful substances in a battery are produced during combustion. Therefore it is very important to return used batteries as chemical waste. Most supermarkets have a battery return policy.

Toys without Batteries

When you are gone buy new toys for your children, would you consider toys without batteries?


Here are some toys I want to bring to your attention.

Vintage Toys - toys without batteries
Vintage Toys - toys without batteries
Tatoo 2




Vintage Toys - toys without batteries
Tatoo 3
Vintage Toys - toys without batteries
Tatoo 4




You can see how we spend several enjoyable hours with to tattooing, even I had to get some!
Super tattoos for boy or girl

tatoeagesgelpen tatoos




 Phlatball, a discus, and ball in one.


Vintage Toys - toys without batteries

Press the ball flat, throw it as discus and catch it as the ball! As he flies through the air, he jumps back into its original shape! It is made of a soft material, it can float in the water.


Vintage Toys - toys without batteries
tennis training set
Tennis training set.

With this Power Tennis training set, tennis gets a whole new sensation!

You can give yourself tennis lessons!

Play in pairs or alone. You can put the stick in the ground and the ball hanging on a string, you can easily play tennis without having to lose the ball. Very convenient, you don’t have to disturb your neighbors for asking back the ball.



This tennis set is my Topper. All the kids here are crazy about it.

Magic magnetic drawing board
Vintage Toys - toys without batteries
magic drawing board

When you are finished, just start over again.

All my kids enjoyed this one!



Bedroom basket


I don’t know if this is a very  handy toy…


Click for more baskets on the picture


I hope you like the toys I found for you,

fun to play with, without any batteries.

Kids have energy enough by themselves, they really don’t need an extra battery. When my son was 2,5 years old, he was completely obsessed by a roll of scotch tape. He could play with it for hours. Sticking his fingers or feet together, taping 2 chairs together, making a whole sticky cobweb of the room.

When you click on the pictures you find out where you can buy these toys.

By Loes Knetsch

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