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Christmas Pieces Of Hedera Ivy Plant

The ordinary ivy can very well be used for Christmas pieces.

What do you need?Chrismas pieces of hedera plant

  • Flowerpot
  • Oasis
  • 3 wooden plant sticks
  • rubber band
  • plant thread
  • 9 ivy stems
  • Battery Christmas lights
  • Ornament


  • Cutter
  • Glue gun

Soak the oasis in water and fill the flowerpot. Put in the 3 wooden sticks and tie them together on top with the rubber band. Stick the battery sleeve to the back of the flowerpot with the hot glue gun.

Attach the lights to the sticks. Cover the oasis with ivy leaves. Then put the 9 ivy branches around in the pot. Grab them on top and use the plant thread wire to hold them on top.

Wrap a nice piece of lace around it. Glue the ornament on the front of the flowerpot.

Quick, beautiful and easy!


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