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How Floating Doctors Save Lives

When we sit at the table, we talk about various issues. Yesterday we talked about very rich people who employ a gardener, a cook, a butler and a chauffeur. Today we came to talk about Charities. And what organizations the children all knew . And which good work they all did. When I explain the good deeds of the Red Cross, one of the children says:


So the Red Cross is actually the “Butler” of all people!

So we continue to talk about The Flying Doctors and Doctors without Borders. Then I ask them: But have you ever heard anything about the” Floating Doctors?”


This is the story of the Floating Doctors

The Floating Doctors

Benjamin Labrot studies medicine and migrates with his backpack loaded with medicine to outlying parts of  the Caribbean to help people. When his backpack is empty, he feels terribly sad and powerless.

He goes back to America and he sets up “The Floating Doctors”. His base is a boat. Instead of 15 kg medications, Benjamin can take 10,000 kg medication with himFloating Doctors.

The boat, “The Southern Wind” is the workplace and residence.

Benjamin Labrot works with a team of volunteers. A group of doctors and volunteers who provide free medical care in remote and poor areas.

Over the past few years the team of volunteers treated more than 13,000 patients.

Often they travel on foot for a few days in the jungle to get at villages. Some have never seen a doctor before.

Would you like to help as a volunteer on the boat from Benjamin Labrot?

Are you a doctor, nurse, dentist, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, medical student, public health researcher, educator, engineer, someone with a pair of willing hands, or just have  the desire to help out in this world ?

You are welcome to participate in this project!

Floating Docters Donation

These volunteers work for the satisfaction and to make a difference in the world.

Your donation comes fully to the right place!

Anyone can contribute, through a donation, to share this article on social media or by going on the ship and having a real commitment to the Floating Doctors.


Floating Doctors



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