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A Very Special Day

A Very Special day,

my grandchildren are coming over to visit. I want it to be a very special day for my dearest grandchildren, to remember for a long, long time. They will stay over for the night. I am very eagerly to their arrival and to enjoy a few terrific days together.

Last time we recycled tetra packs and made boxes out of them. So now I have to come up with another creative idea. They both like to cook, so it will be applecake, pizza, and pancakepie.

How the visit and sleepover was:
The children were very exuberantly when they arrived and talk and ask the ears of my head. We loved to see eachother again. After an hour of just running around, we start baking an apple cake.

very special day
Apple cake


And while it was in the oven, they where playing  billiard. Because I run a daycare at home  it is a true paradise for children. With Nintendo, Wii, old fashion video’s, airhockey and lots of paper and crafting stuff.

The children can do and play whatever they like.

For dinner we created mini pizza’s.

Several years ago I gave a creative craft lesson on primary school in “how to make pizza”. They all made a real art out of it, you could compare some pizza’s with The Mount Everest.

So I gave them a bit dough, on the table I had put ready cut veggies and some salami, ham, cheese and bolognese base sauce.

This was a true feast, a bit of snacking in advance.

very special day

I don’t have to tell you that the pizza was delicious!

After a goodnight sleep we started the next day with a nice breakfast together. We went into town to shop for pancakes, and to buy some icecream.

very special day
Pancake pie

We we made a pancakepie,

with vanilla custard and strawberry jam.

And as you can see, it succeeded.
A 7-second Youtube movie of baking pancakes for the “Nationale Pannekoeken dag” The National Pancake day.

We had a very special little holiday together.

Loes Knetsch

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