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All my life I love to read. In my youth, I could calmly skip half the night to read a book. My interest in the subject is changed, but my love for reading and poems has always remained.

Wherever you look in my house, you can always find a book




Esoteric BookstoreEsoteric Bookstore



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2 thoughts on “My Bookstore”

  1. Hi Loes, what a fantastic colourful site….. Looks like we both share a passion for Art and LOA, I especially loved “what the bleep do we know” movie and everything on neuro plasticity.
    Warmest Wishes, Amber (from WA)

    1. Hello Amber, thank you for your comment and compliment, I do think that ancient spirituality has for a big part vanished outoff the western culture, and it need to be introduced again, hope to see you again, greetings Loes

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