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“What the “Bleep” do we Know”

All my life I love to read. In my youth I could calmly skip half the night to read a book. My interest in the subject is changed, but my love for reading and poems has always remained.

Wherever you look in my house, you can always find a book

Esoteric Bookstore

~I am working hard to restore my bookstore, hope to have it back soon ~

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What the “Bleep” do we know?

We think that life keeps a secret from us.
But who is thinking that?
The soul is not missing anything, the silent listener, always on the background.
Your thought, always on the move, give you the idea, there is something missing.
And often the thought uses the body to rectify it self.
So the body gets this experience to.

There are very many books written about this subject.
About how to think, how to live, about our soul and the universe.
Some say, if we imagen our future, it will come out.
There are lots of astrology books written, Angels stories and Nummerology calculations.
Every book you pick up in the category Esoteric will give you a piece of the puzzle to figger out what you think you are missing.

My question is, are you really missing something, or is it just in your imagination?

Esoteric BookstoreEsoteric Bookstore



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2 thoughts on “Esoteric Bookstore”

  1. Hi Loes, what a fantastic colourful site….. Looks like we both share a passion for Art and LOA, I especially loved “what the bleep do we know” movie and everything on neuro plasticity.
    Warmest Wishes, Amber (from WA)

    1. Hello Amber, thank you for your comment and compliment, I do think that ancient spirituality has for a big part vanished outoff the western culture, and it need to be introduced again, hope to see you again, greetings Loes

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