Recycle Old Greeting Cards

Recycle Old Greeting Cards Instruction Manual

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Not only you get a lot of Christmas and greeting cards, you also get a lot of cards send to you by charity instances you never will use. With this instruction manual, you can also make your own unique photo frame.

Here is a creative way to recycle old greeting cards

To make boxes, window chimes or unique photo frames.

What do you need for it?Window hanger

  • You have to find 6 similar old greeting cards
  • Make a mal
  • Coton thread and needle
  • Some beads
  • Charms (if you have them)
  • Prick and pad
  • Flowers from candle decoration

You can use anything for the decoration what you like.

1. Make a mal
Recycle Old Greeting Cards
2. Cut out the pieces

and number them on the back side
Recycle Old Greeting Cards mal
Recycle Old Greeting Cards mal

3. Prick holes in the card on a pad

Lay the patterns with the back sides towards each other and prick the holes together +/- 5 mm from the side. 1+1 and 2+2 etc.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards prick holes

4. Sew the sides

Sew the sides of the cards and leave a piece of thread 25-30 cm on both sides. You can use that to attach the beads and charms.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards sew

5. Lace top and bottom

Lace-up a piece of lace through the top and bottom.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards lace

6. Attach the top and bottom according to the numbers inside.

advertisement bol charms

7. Attach beads and charms
Recycling postcards

Kids really love to make these window chimes from old greeting cards! 10-year-olds can make it themselves, with the proper instructions. When they are younger, they need a helping hand. 4-year-olds can choose the cards and the beads and can make 2 or 3 stitches 😉

Creative Christmas wishes

When you are having plans to spend your Christmas days at your family or friends house, or you want to send a very special birthday wish to someone you love, you can create a special card for them this way too. You can put it in a box and send it by post.

Original photo frame for wedding pictures

Do you want to make something special from your wedding pictures? This might give you an idea too. I would stick the pictures on a piece of soft cardboard first, to give them more strength.

It will look very nice for sure between all average cards!

Happy recycling!

Loes Knetsch

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