Power of the Subconscious Mind

Power of the Subconscious Mind

We live in a hectic world, continuously hurtling forward. Where stress and burnout are frequently occurring and difficult to avoid. When did you take the time to relax? Do you remember the last time you gave attention to the power of the subconscious mind? The last time you meditate or went just for a long walk through nature?

What do you teach your children? Do they know the power of the subconscious mind? Do you teach them the abilities when they use this power? Or do you have problems to acknowledge the power of the subconscious mind yourself?

My eye fell on these books on full-length, in full length audio-recorded books. Free to listen to.

Some people will say: “I don’t have time to read a book”. The convenience of an audio book is that you can do the ironing, the dishes or even clean the toilet and the bathroom whilst listening.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

The first book I want to share with you is “The science of getting rich” written by Wallace Delois Wattles.

About this author:

power of the subconscious mind
Wallace Delois Wattles was an American author. A New Thought writer, The best known work of Wallace D. Wattles is book called The Science of Getting Rich, published in 1910, in which he explained how to become wealthy.

After studying works of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wattles claimed to have discovered the truth of New Thought principles. Before he published his book, he put them into practice in his own life. He lived every page of his books.

He encouraged his readers to test his theories on themselves rather than take his word as an authority. Creative visualization is the technic Wattles practiced. He “formed a mental picture” or visual image, and then “worked toward the realization of this vision”.

After Rhonda Byrne got a copy of this book as a present from her daughter, she wrote the famous book “The Secret”

Buy The Science of getting rich from Wallace D. Wattles as paperback. 165 books of this writer available.

The second book I want to share with you is “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” written by Joseph Murphy

About this author:

 Power of the Subconscious Mind
Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy was born in Ireland, in 1898.

He immigrated to America and followed a study at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Joseph Murphy shows how your subconscious mind controls your behavior. The strength in yourself is based on positive thinking and proves that everyone is able to live a happy life. Key topics covered include: health, relationships, freedom, wealth, career and cure addictions. Thanks to the practical tips you get a grip on your subconscious, you make the best use of the power of thought and happiness is within reach.

Buy The Power of the Subconscious Mind from Joseph Murphy as paperback.

I want to wish you a lot of hearing and learning pleasure with these two excellent and outstanding books about the power of the subconscious mind.

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subconscious mind

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23 thoughts on “Power of the Subconscious Mind”

  1. the power of the subconscious mind is real and these 2 books are a great resouce to understanding it,

    it is so important that parents understand this to be able to share with our children, but our children can comprehend it so much more easily than adults because they do not have all the accumulated junk

    all the best,

    1. Hello Darrel, thank you for your statement, when we understand the working of the subconcience and stop putting junk into the minds of our children and change that into words of value, only then we can help our children grow into spiritual wise beings, Loes

  2. Thank you for this. I do believe in positive thinking and the power of ones own mind. I will be looking at the books here and be back in the near future.

  3. Our subconscious mind is a very powerful tool, gives out vibes to other individuals whether negative or positive, this I know can be picked up. It is what women call intuitiveness, great article many years ago I had been very interested in the power of the mind but then other things took president in my life. You have woken up an old passion thank you.

    1. Glad I did, Andrew, because the importance of this and the effect it has on your life, when you are living unconsciously, stay awake:) Loes

  4. It’s truly fascinating how much our subconscious mind can affect us without knowing it. Thank you for a great read 🙂

  5. Thanks for these links Loes. Great idea to listen to these in audiobook format, I love listening to audiobooks on long drives as it keeps my mind engaged. I’ll definitely be checking out these titles – love this kind of topic, it really inspires me to learn about just how powerful our minds really are!

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