Photoframes – Personalized Gifts – Review

Photo frames – Personalized Gifts – Review. When you are looking for a gift, you have to put yourself in that persons shoes. Think about the interior, how that person lives, and what color or style he or she loves.  You can’t just give something you like most. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this.

When you are going to a total stranger, and you know nothing about the lifestyle and the interieur, choose for something that either way can be eaten or throw away after a couple of weeks, like flowers or Chocolade.

I love to give personalized gifts, especialy  searched out for the lucky one.

Beneath, I selected a few original gifts you can personalize.

Photoframes – Personalized Gifts – Review

TicTacToe Photo frame
Photoframes - Personalized Gifts - Review
Tic tac toe photoframe

There is room for 27 pictures of 5 x 5 cm

Measurement  25,2 x 24 cm

If you like you can write a personalized text  Price  € 17,50

Pro: It’s a game, nice price

Con: To keep it a game, with pictures, needs a lot of inventiveness

Photoframes – Personalized Gifts – Review

Chalkboard Photo frame
Photoframes - Personalized Gifts - Review
Chalkboard photoframe

You can write an original text on it.

Measurement 20 x 20 x 5 cm

Price € 10,95

Pro: nice price, you easily can change text

Con: by wrapping text can disappear, chalk can be rather dusty

Photoframes – Personalized Gifts – Review

Memo board Week planner Photo frame
Photoframes - Personalized Gifts - Review
Memoboard photoframe

Practical gift, a week planner, which can be accompanied with a personalized text.

Measurement 60 x 39 cm Inc. marker

Price € 29,95

Pro: easy to change text, easy to clean

Con: Rather expensive, week planner to small for family schedules

These are a few highlights of many original photo frames you can choose from on Woonaccessoires-Online |Fotolijsten


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