Naturally, Natural

Naturally,  Natural

In fact, everything is naturally natural. We started out here with one earth. And that includes everything.

Something to think over….

Everything made here comes out of the same source, our very own earth. No one ever went into space to collect a huge amount of raw material.

How come we see plastic as “not natural” after all it is made out of crude oil, what ‘s a very natural product.

Where does plastic come from?

When we are producing plastic, we are changing the substance. We change the oil into something without the knowledge to change it back.

The pro’s and cons of plastic


  1. It’s cheap
  2. Plastic is light
  3. Easy to clean
  4. It is easy to color (synthetic pigmentation)
  5. Plastic keeps its color


  1. Because it is cheap, there is a lot of plastic so you have more waste.
  2. The decomposition process takes a long time.
  3. Plastic does not rot
  4. Difficult to recycle
  5. By combustion it pollutes the air
  6. Can contaminate water

Plastics are very harmful for our environment. We are not able to revert the process. So the garbage pile gets higher and higher and the natural commodities are becoming less. When we combust the pile of plastic waste to reduce it, we pollute the air. When we don’t, our earth is going to suffocate in this huge amount we throw away.

Our natural environment is changing bit by bit into an unnatural habitat.

We ought to be wise and think before we buy. When I was young, mom went to the fish and chips stand with a pan. And when I bought one portion, it was served in a paper cone.

Nowadays we live here with over 7 billion people, and we all use plastics. This is becoming an enormous problem.


For this reason I have searched for natural and recycled toys.

Click on the pictures to learn more

Naturally, Natural
Horse swing

This Horse Swing

is produced from

used auto tires.



Naturally, Natural
Tic tac too

Tic Tac Toe is made of wood and rope.




Cardboard box book

Naturally, Natural
The card box book

With this incredibly creative book, kids can use easy-to-find art and craft materials along with the included ideas, templates, and stickers to transform simple cardboard boxes into a robot costume, a princess castle, a circus, and so much more! Full color.


Tire swing


Naturally, Natural
Tire swing






This swing is made of a

recycled automobile tire

The game

Naturally, Natural
Kubb original

Kubb Viking Original is from Sweden

and is a family game. Kubb is a game

for outdoors. The playing pieces are

made of high-quality rubber wood.

Rubber trees that no longer produce

rubber are normally burned. In short,

in addition to a very attractive choice

wood structure, this timber is also better

for the environment.

It’s wiser when you have the choice, to choose for natural or recycled toys. So that our grandchildren can sit on a mountain soil, instead of a pile of plastic.


By Loes Knetsch


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4 thoughts on “Naturally, Natural”

  1. You are doing a great thing here! Informing us of some real and present danger. If we don’t take action, it’s that will suffer the most.

    1. Hello Bernie, it’s really a problem we all have to be aware of, and we also all are guilty of, thanks for your concern, greetings Loes

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