Micro loans for small business, Join Kiva !

When you look around and see the amount of money what is rotating on the stock markets, you hardly can’t believe that there are still so much people in need of basic life necessities. People who are applying for a micro loan (micro loans for small business).

Micro loans for small business

Together we are strong!

It truly touched my heart to see the pictures of those people in need.

Micro loans for small business, Dilfuza
Maria Dolores wants a small loan to buy bricks and cement to repair her house.Click on the picture to read Maria’s  story.  Dilfuza wants a small loan to buy a sewing machine the start her own business.Click on the picture to read Dilfuza’s story.

~And hundreds of people more asking for your help~

They do not ask for much, but which bank will give a loan to somebody who has nothing? No income? or no surity?

That’s why I plead for the “micro loans small business” organization Kiva, together we cán make a difference!

Beyond charity, rethinking how we give ~ about Kiva

Non-profit charity organization for micro loans for small business

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Learn more about how it works….

The Story of a Kiva Loan

Watch Kiva work through the story of Pedro, a farmer who receives a Kiva loan and transforms his life.

Kiva Gifts

Give a Kiva Card

Kiva Cards are the perfect gift for travelers, students, co-workers and anyone with a big heart. Give the gift that can change a life.

Dedicate a Loan

Share Kiva by making a loan in someone’s honor. You can dedicate a loan as a gift or in someone’s memory.

Create a Kiva Campaign

Donate your birthday, wedding, graduation or other special event to benefit Kiva borrowers around the world.

Check Out the Kiva Store

Show off your Kiva pride with Kiva-branded gear! Great gifts from cellphone covers to key lanyards.

Find Artisan Gifts on Novica

Many of the artisans featured on Novica received Kiva loans to support their work making jewelry, decor or art.

Share International Bank of Bob

Introduce your friends to Kiva through Bob Harris’ new book, detailing his trips around the world to meet borrowers.

Micro loans for small business

Join me for Micro loans for small business at


Micro loans for small business

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8 thoughts on “Micro loans for small business, Join Kiva !”

    1. Hello Lorraine, I think it is a great initiative to give individues the change to make a difference, thanks for your reply, greetings Loes

  1. There are so many people out there who need just a little bit of help to get them to an infinitely better place. Thank you for bringing this up. I love the idea of micro loans. I have heard they do wonders of people in really bad areas where regular loans are not possible and the people just need a little something to get their own business started.

    1. Hello Andrew, I found this aid organization today, and I had to spread the news, I hope I will reach a lot of people by this blog, this help is so crucial for those who want to grow but being held back by their circumstances, thank you for your wonderful words, greetings Loes

  2. Mico Loans are so awesome! What a perfect example of what a free market can do. I love freedom, and I love helping people. I hope that this micro loan industry never gets regulated by the government, that will just mess everything up.

    1. You are so right Andrea, the government would just exclude people from the right of aid, with commissions who will tell what kind of apply would be honored and which ones they disapprove of, they would torpedo any initiative, great reaction, thanks, Loes

  3. Hello and thanks for this interesting article on Kiva, which I must admit I hadn’t heard of. What a great idea!

    1. Hi Peter, I didnot hear about it before today either, but I am instantly totally in love with this project, and I hope to inspirate a lot of people to follow me, greetings Loes

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