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Make money out of waste!

Make money out of waste! Sometimes I have to throw things away, otherwise, we will not fit into our house anymore. I see in every waste material an idea and a possibility for art and crafting.

I talk to myself and say, that is not garbage,

I can make money out of waste!

I can use it to make a homemade present. I love making art and craft from waste material with the kids. And even when I cannot make money as an artist, you always can come up with ideas to make money out of waste material in your home.

An old post tube

Make money out of waste
Surprise gift
Make money out of waste
Lucky tube
And surely  we can present  “this is kids art” on a website.

When you are looking for cheap and easy craft ideas for children, bookmark this page, there will be more to see.


Loes Knetsch

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