Lazy Laces – Top or Flop

Lazy Laces – Top or Flop, for you spotted on the internet Silicon laces, never tie shoelaces again. You can pull them through the eyelets or hook them behind the brackets. There are two types available.

After the silicon rage of the magic loom bands, still very hot, this new silicon product is trying to conquer the market. I haven’t seen them in the shops, so for now only for sale on the Internet.

Lazy Laces – Top or Flop

Lazy Laces - Top or Flop
Lazy Laces
Lazy Laces - Top or Flop
Lazy laces





What do you think? Is it gone be a TOP or FLOP

Write your answer below.


By Loes Knetsch

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Laces – Top or Flop”

  1. As much fun as those laces are I think “top” – I know my own daughter LOVES bright colors and being involved in the creation of what she wears.

    1. Hello Jill, thanks for stopping by, I am not yet quite convinced, when I see how quick all children ran around with the loom bands, I have not spotted any shoes with these lazy laces, but time will learn, greetings Loes

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