Fun Wobbly Hand

Kids Art Manual Fun Wobbly Hand

Manual Fun Wobbly Hand

Fun Wobbly Hand

What do you need?

  • An empty supplement jar
  • strong magnet (s)
  • Scissor
  • Stanley knife
  • hot bradawl
  • Cardboard
  • Adhesive foil
  • Camera
  • Double sided tape
  • A clip or empty tape roll


1. Cut off the bottom

Fun Wobbly Hand

2. Cut the jar, use about half of it

Fun Wobbly Hand

3. Glue a strong magnet in the lid or make holes and glue the magnets in the holes

 Fun Wobbly Hand

4. Let the child draw their hand and take a picture

5. Print the picture and glue it on the cardboard hand, plastify the hand with adhesive foil.

6. To get more grip you can glue an empty adhesive tape roll in the end with hot glue, and attach the hand on it. You can also use an old suspenders clip.


Enjoy making your child’s wobbly waving hand!


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2 thoughts on “Kids Art Manual Fun Wobbly Hand”

  1. Hello
    Wow what a great and simple but cute art project. I am not very creative but I always like the idea of doing little art projects like this. I think the closest I came was when my kids were little I had them put paint on their hands and had my son put his hand prints along the top of walls in the hallway making a top border all the way down the hallway. Then had my daughter do the same along the baseboard. Turned out cute and a personal touch to the house.

    1. Thanks Melissa, that’s a great idea for parents, but not really tempting for my daycare:( That’s must have been so much fun for them:)

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