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Garbage art for kids

Free Crafts Kids

Free Crafts Kids Free Crafts Kids, christmas,easterFree Crafts Kids, what's cooking

Art and Crafting Ideas At Low Cost that Kids will Love

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83.Make Kinetic sand box from tetra packs

82.Keep Dad Inside Beer Standard

81.Basket from Toothpicks


79.Mothers day flower basket

78.Kittens & Puppies

77.CD Box Game

76.Art Beads Collection

75.Creative Toilet Rolls

74.Piggy Banks

73.Fun Wobbly Hand

72.12 Trucks

71.Let’s have Halloween

70.Washcloth Butterfly


68.Candle stand & Flowers

67.Schoolbag hanger


65.Pets Story Board

64.Painting a T-Shirt

63.OWL Party

62.Fat Chalk Crayons Painting

61.Money Bags

60.Creative Playground

59.Animals of Chestnuts

58.Beautiful Flowers

57.Recycling Postcards

56.Teabag holder

55.Key/Chain/Pan flap racks

54.Buttons Bracelet

53.Cord Pegs

52.Loom Bands

51.Scary Head

50.Harley Davidson Motorcycle

49.Cup of tea

48.Apple photo frame tree

47.Heart with flowers

46.Filegran Camera

45.Wooden card

44.Box of kisses

43.Charity boards



40.Butterflies from wallpaper samples

39.Creative with crockery

38.Wish Card with Glossy

37.Mirror with Glossy

36.Wind Chime

35.Gardening for Fathers day

34.Home-baked Cookies as gift


32.Mothers day Heart

31.Office Box

30.Scripture Covers

29.Jar with photo

28.Everlasting calendar

27.Original flower vase

26.Paper flower

25.1st prize

24.Piramide tetra pack

23.Decorative Candlelight

22.Pencil tube

21.Changeover photo frame

20.Spongebob and Patrick straws

19.Recycled tetra pack boxes

18.A purse from Glossies

17.Jenga Keychains

16.Painting with leaves

15.I love dad

14.Magic Beer Cans


12.An other cup of coffee

11.Flowers and feathers

10.Decorate T-shirts

9.Holiday dairy

8.School drawing holder

7.Spacious Painting

6.Real kids art

5.Pampering the Birds


3.Bow & Arrow

2.Paper Treasure Box

1.Color with wool

83.Make Kinetic sandbox from tetra packs

Cut the top and bottom of 4 tetra packs and stick together with duct tape. Make a raised edge and reinforce the corners. And you have a  Kinetic sand box for free

Kinetic sand box for free

82.Keep Dad Inside Beer Standard

Fathersday Gift

Manual for this awesome standard

81.Basket from Toothpicks

DIY basket

What do you need?

A piece of carton board, toothpicks, a glue pistol, beads, and wool.


Diary booklet

Print a drawing and let these colors. Then stick on colored paper. Pass it through the laminating device and cover with telephone stickers. Punch holes and fill with leaves. Put a pipe cleaner through it.

79.Mothers day flower basket

Mothers day hanging basket

Reuse of yogurt cups. Paint the cup, put a plant in it. Make a hook from a spoon. The children loved to crush the spoon with a big hammer and to bend it in the vice

78.Kittens & Puppies

Kittens and Puppies
What do you need?
2×2 circles of carton board to make the head and the body. For the body a little bigger, wool and wobbly eyes. A glue pistol for the eyes. finger crochet the wool for the legs and tail, do the crocheted one more time to make it thicker. Sew the legs and tail to the body. Crochet ears, I made them, that was too difficult for the children. Sew the ears to the head.

77.CD Box Game

CD box game with beads

What do you need?

A CD Box, straws, glue, colored paper or carton, round beads, and scotch tape.

76.Art Beads Collection

Creative Toilet Roll Cool

Wooden blocks from the block box, spray paint, iron wire, beads, a drill for the hole in the blocks.

75.Creative Toilet Rolls

Creative Toilet Roll Cool

Toilet rolls, colored carton, double-sided tape, black marker.

74.Piggy Banks

These are made of aluminum foil roll and a document send box.

All you need is some wool, carton board, colored paper, chenille wire, wobbly eyes, and a lot of double-sided tape. The document roll has a lid on both sides. For the foil roll, we used medical cups.

73.Fun Wobbly Hand

Your child waves every time you walk by!
Fun Wobbly Hand Manual

72.12 Trucks

This gifted talented kid (7 years of ages) draws everything from his head. Amazing!

71.Let’s have Halloween

Homemade dragon and unicorn lampion

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46 thoughts on “Free Crafts Kids, Art that Kids will Love”

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  3. Have you ever used old newspaper or used thin plastic shopping bags as material for kites?
    Gallon plastic milk or juice jugs make excellent birdhouses.

    1. We used newspaper to make paper mache items, but in the early days I didn’t have the habit to photograph everything, I am not using plastic bags, I’m afraid, I always carry a bigshopper around, I hate accepting those bags, so I don’t have enough of those to be creative with, but there are all kinds of creative ideas to find on internet though. Loes

  4. I recycle compulsively and appreciate any efforts to make maximum use of materials before they become “true” waste.
    Ideas like these that also create beauty are the best.
    Please supply larger images to make out the details. I loved the two sculptures made from:
    masking tape, empty tealightholders, tin wire.

    1. Hi Joseph, those sculptures where made by my son (then 10 years of age)they really look like real art:) He wanted to make a drummerboy, I only supplied him with the material, I wish you a lot of success creating art with children, greetings Loes

    1. Hi Erna, it really is a lot of fun to make from nothing something:) hope I gave you inspiration:) you are always welcome to come back, greetings Loes

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