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50. Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Cardboard for the back, find a real nice motorcycle for coloring, enlarge it 300% in paint, start puzzling, stick it on the cardboard and paint it in nice colors. This motorcycle is 1.5 meter 🙂

harley davidson for dad

49. Cup of tea

Cardboard for the back, cardboard for the cup. Decorate the cup with nice stuff. Add the teabags.

Cup of tea
Cup of tea

48. Apple photo frame tree

Quite a bit of prefab-work. A piece of MDF saw a tree and apples.

For the children, paint the tree and apples, glue it all together with montage-kit. Put the pictures behind the apple frames.

Apple tree photo frame
Appletree photo frame

47. Heart with flowers

In the secondhand shop, you can find a lot of basic material. We found this iron thread heart. Decorated it with lovely flowers and filled it with fiber threads.

heart with flowers
heart with flowers

46. Filegran Camera

On the left the original picture, on the right the one we have made 🙂

45. Wooden card

Take a piece of MDF, paint it and write a little poem on it, then decorate the capitals with buttons. Terrific success especially for boys!

Wooden card
Wooden card

44. Box of kisses

Cardboard, wallpaper, lace, a little charm, decorated paper, masking tape, double-sided tape.

Creative with wallpaper, Make a box with wallpaperMake a box

Charm with laceKissis inside

Little card

43. Charity boards

Charity boardCharity board

Two wooden underplates, decorated with nice wallpaper. The left one has also wallpaper on the pegs. The pegs are pinned on a rubber rope. Between the pegs, you can clip pennies for the tithingman.

It’s intended that this board hangs at the front door. Now everybody is increasingly pinning, almost no one has any cash in their home for the tithingman. You can fill the board with 10 dollars or euros.

42. Memorandum


Buy a wooden underplate and glue some nice wallpaper on the back. This one is made for fathers day, so it’s decorated with a grocery list of the child ;), a little poem and some drawing and the days of the week. The chain with pegs is a leftover from a Christmas card decoration.

41. Bookmarker

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46 thoughts on “Free Crafts Kids, Art that Kids will Love”

  1. Wow. Can’t believe how MANY ideas you have here. This could keep kids busy for YEARS!

    I still have hanging on our bedroom walls the “greatest hits” of our kids art through the years. As the years go by I actually see more in them than I did at first. Little geniuses!

    Number 6 looks cool. Did your kids do that??

    1. Thank you, yes my son made #6 when he was 9 years of age, I have here a couple of real artists in my daycare. You may want to bookmark this page, for when the grandchildren invade your home 😉

      Thank you for your nice comment, Loes

  2. I love this site. The layout is quirky and fun, the colors are happy and it is so full of great ideas for kids. I would like to link it to my site familieshavefun, which is about things families can do together.
    My gran daughter is coming to stay soon so I will be checking up thisiskidsart regularly for the 3 months she is here.
    Thank you Loes for all the work and creative ideas.

    1. Thank you, Judy, very nice to hear that:) And I welcome you to link to my website, I ♥ it:) You may even use one of my banners for it
      or this one
      Have some great creative days with your granddaughter, Judy
      Kind regards, Loes

  3. Hi Loes! I love your site. So professional and colorful. So many great ideas to engage children. What would you say is your most popular item?

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