Free Crafts Kids, Art that Kids will Love

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60.Creative Playground

PLAYGROUND made by Jeffrey

Manual for creative playground made of chestnuts and toothpicks

59.Animals of Chestnuts

Create Animals of chestnuts

Click here to learn how to create animals of Chestnut.

58.Beautiful Flowers

Made of images out of a coloring book for adults, these color books are made of solid paper, further, you need straws, crêpe paper, iron plant threat (for in the leaves so you can bend them) and Scottish tape.

Beautiful Flowers

Coloring book for adults
Buy at

57.Recycling Postcards

Find 6 postcards of the same style, a needle, and some cotton thread and a prick to prick the holes in advance. For the box, you also need a button. And for the window chime some beads. The window chime will turn around when the window is open.

Go to the instruction manual

Window hanger

Recycling postcards

56.Teabag holder

teabag holderMini Jenga block, loom straps, electro staple

55.Key/Chain/Pan flap racks

Ladle, loom straps, brackets, deco wood burner, varnish

54.Buttons Bracelet

The old button box of grandma, cotton thread, and some ribbon

buttons bracelet

Baste the silver buttons along the ribbon,  knot with a bow.

buttons bracelet diy

53.Cord Pegs

To identify cords of DVD, TV and BlueRay devices or to keep a phone or tablet cord rolled up.

What do you need?

Rubber foam of different colors, glue, scissors, permanent writer, little eyes, and pegs. Cut the foam, glue it together and write the device on the side of the peg.

creative cord peg DIY

creative cord peg DIY

52.Loom Bands

The mania is over and in each recycle store you can get the loom bands now for almost free, and it is still fun to do for children. Loom bands, loom bag hanger with charms, loom bands with beads

Loom bag hanger with charms, loom bands, loom with beads loom with charms

Make your own Loom device, find a square block of wood, tape some pencils on it and you are ready to go!

Loom band device diy

51.Scary Head

Paper maché around a balloon. paint it when it’s dry. Remove the balloon, make a hole for the jar (upside down) and place a battery light in it.

Scary head paper mache

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46 thoughts on “Free Crafts Kids, Art that Kids will Love”

  1. Wow. Can’t believe how MANY ideas you have here. This could keep kids busy for YEARS!

    I still have hanging on our bedroom walls the “greatest hits” of our kids art through the years. As the years go by I actually see more in them than I did at first. Little geniuses!

    Number 6 looks cool. Did your kids do that??

    1. Thank you, yes my son made #6 when he was 9 years of age, I have here a couple of real artists in my daycare. You may want to bookmark this page, for when the grandchildren invade your home 😉

      Thank you for your nice comment, Loes

  2. I love this site. The layout is quirky and fun, the colors are happy and it is so full of great ideas for kids. I would like to link it to my site familieshavefun, which is about things families can do together.
    My gran daughter is coming to stay soon so I will be checking up thisiskidsart regularly for the 3 months she is here.
    Thank you Loes for all the work and creative ideas.

    1. Thank you, Judy, very nice to hear that:) And I welcome you to link to my website, I ♥ it:) You may even use one of my banners for it
      or this one
      Have some great creative days with your granddaughter, Judy
      Kind regards, Loes

  3. Hi Loes! I love your site. So professional and colorful. So many great ideas to engage children. What would you say is your most popular item?

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