Keep dad inside fathers day beer standard

Keep Dad Indoors DIY Gift Fathers day

To make this awesome fathers day gift you need some stuff

  • A bucket or old plastic paint bucket
  • fast concrete
  • Plastic bags
  • 3 empty bottles and 4 filled bottles
  • a piece of wire iron
  • 2 nuts and 2 washers
  • canning can
  • White paint and colored paint for the base
  • A piece of white paper and markers for the canning can
  • a metal drill for hole in the tin
  • Tape to mask the wire iron

Put a plastic bag in the bucket and pour in the concrete. Put plastic bags around the empty bottles and press them into the concrete. Wiggle back and forth to make the gate bigger. Insert the piece of wire iron in the middle. Make sure the bottles do not rise and remain loose during drying, and that the iron wire stays upright.

Success making your own beer standard!
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