How to live healthy

How to live healthy – another view on a healthy life.

Just one sentence out of the Holy Bible. Matthew 15: 11

Jesus said: Not what enters the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth that defiles a man.

My view on this one statement of Jesus.

We underestimate the effect of words on our physical body

. With other words, what you say against others will damage you more then you realize.

A lot of people are on a daily base very consistently concerned with what they eat, to live as healthy as possible. And that is certainly a good thing. Thinking about healthy food, where your food came from. How it’s prepared. Which additions are inside?

But just a few people are monitoring their words, what comes out of the mouth. Jesus warns us about that. What comes out of the mouth will have an enormously damaging effect on your body.

Please try for a week to monitor your statements.

What do you tell about other persons, does that harm them? Do you curse often? Do you lie for your own good? Do you make a story juicier?

How to live healthy

What comes out of your mouth? Have you ever thought about that?

Does this make any sense to you?

By Loes Knetsch

Cartoon by Polylerus (Moved from en:Image:Grawlixes.JPG) [Public domain], via Wiki media Commons

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2 thoughts on “How to live healthy”

  1. It can be so easy to say something you regret later in a stressful moment and takes real discipline and self awareness to just contain our thoughts until we’ve had more time to filter and decide if they are what we really mean, and what we really want to put out there. I always admire the people who keep their cool in stressful situations and walk away rather than engage.

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