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Holiday Themes Christmas and Easter

On this page, you find Holiday Themes Christmas and Easter. Most of the time you collect applause with a homemade Christmas decoration.

DIY Christmas

When you putter with kids there are a few things indispensable. thin wire, scotch packaging tape, glue gun, ribbon and thread, double-sided tape, a stapler, of course, paper and cardboard, and I use my inkjet printer a lot, quite a lot.

Christmas Themes

Theme Taped Christmas

Taped Christmas Ideas

Taped Christmas trees on the windows, taped Christmas cards and tapes light jars.

Obvious, our Christmas decorations this year is focussed on TAPE

Read here how to create the jars

Christmas cards from gift wrap paper

Christmas cards DIY from gift wrap paper

White cardboard, glue the trees on cardboard, cut them out, glue the background and the trees.

Christmas Pieces of Hedera Ivy Plant

Chrismas pieces of hedera plant



Instruction manual Christmas Pieces

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree

DIY Chicken wire Christmas Tree

It is attached to the window with suckers and iron wire on top

Christmas Ornaments on a budget

Christmas decor on a budget

Take the block box of your children and start wrapping, a little lace and ready! Or go to the second-hand sales and buy for a quarter a piece all kind of awful necklaces. Rip them apart and create the most lovely ornaments.

Christmas CD Candle Lights

Christmas CD candle light

You need old CD’s, bling-bling stones, stars or beads and glass paint.

Glue the tea lights on the CD with a hot glue pistol.

Christmas ornaments

Used material: Paper cardboard with Christmas design, beads, doubled sided tape, stapler, lace, iron wire

Christmas Tree Branches

Originele kerstboom van takken original christmas tree of branches

Stipped branches and iron wire, paper ornaments and chocolate hangers, a string of 50 lights.

Christmas cards

Christmas cards

DIY Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree

Cardboard, tin foil, colored square paper

Scissors, glue, tape

Christmas lights

Wooden stick (1.80cm),  staple gun, screwdriver (to put holes for the lights)

Homemade Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas Cards, you need some cards, stickers, Christmas ribbon, colored cardboard and a gold or silver liner.

We used also a “stans” I don’t know how to call this device in English

Christmas Card decoration
Christmas Card decoration

Christmas Window Stars

Cutting Christmas stars for on the window.  When you fold every paper differently and cut different, you get amazing results!

Christmas Star Paper
Christmas stars

Paper Christmas Tree

We have searched on Google images ( for patterns of Christmas Stars. And we fold a whole lot of different sized stars of which we build a… paper


Christmastreepaper christmas tree

Star on treeFor the Christmas ornaments in the tree we used the aluminum wraps from the chocolate coins the children got from St. Nicolas


A Christmas tree

Wooden Christmas tree
Christmas tree

In this case, I did some preparatory work, using a Cordless Drill

afterwards, the kids could start stringing, and that wasn’t easy!

On the table a pile of wooden sticks in several sizes.

A real lesson for the children, to build the tree from large to small

we did it with thin wire, so they don’t have to use needles

Tip: when you have lots of time to fill up,

you can paint the tree as well.

A Christmas theme for the birds

a Christmas piece for the birds
a Christmas piece for the birds

We went into the woods to find acorns and Christmas branches.

afterwards we melt some grease in a pan, mixed the seeds and put them in the acorns.

We filed up a flowerpot and a coconut husk and put it all together with tin wire.

Buddha looked at it with a satisfied smile.

Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament
Christmas tree ornament

For this, we used cupcake tins, some colored cardboard, a ribbon and a bead. Just put holes at the upper and downside and then baste the ribbon. You can adjust the colors to your taste.

Christmas piece for the side table

Christmas sidetable piece
Christmas side table piece

You can use your old ornaments, or whatever dove/necklace/ornament you got for a gift by post advertisement,

or the things your kid made at school.

A string of lights and some Christmas branches.

And, of course, again indispensable, WIRE

Christmas Stars

The Stars are made from tetra packs and red and green carton board.

Holiday Themes Christmas and Easter
Christmas stars

Easter Themes

Make & Paint a paper Butterfly

Easter butterfly egg carton
Butterfly from egg tray

During the Easter egg hunt, you have lots of empty egg trays. Here is an idea what to do with it. Some paint, an egg tray, a hanger (not necessary but gives directly a hook) and some ribbon. You can add some beads and buttons too.

When you make a lot of paper butterflies you can use them as a homemade decoration for a birthday party

Photoframe from eggshells

Obvious an Easter theme. Of course, at first, we are going to eat the boiled eggs. After this delicious meal, we are going to glue the eggshells on the cardboard. For the painting, we used silver spray paint.

Photo frame from eggshells
Photo frame from eggshells

Put a picture in the middle and on top a passe-partout from glitter paper.

And it’s better to let the kids spray outside (watch where the wind comes from)

Making your photo frames with children is fun of course, but sometimes you don’t get the results you expected, in that case, you can decide to buy one online.


More Holiday Themes  Christmas and Easter

are following…

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