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amigos colombianos

Amigos Colombianos, is a Dutch charity organization where Frank van Rijn “the boss himself” is working in the field. This is a life changing help program for streetgirls living in Medellin, Colombia.

Frank van Rijn says:

In early 2000 I first arrived in Medellin. Ambulatory youth worker in the Netherlands, I decided to contact with the street children I saw on the streets everywhere. I was astonished at the circumstances in which children were trying to survive. Without exception, they have already had to deal in their youth with a combination of mistreatment, abuse, extreme poverty and drug use. What a difference with our carefree existence in the Netherlands!

Frank van Rijn
Frank van Rijn

I realized that with relatively little help, I could dramatically improve the quality of life and the future prospects of these children. I also found out that for street girls, in contrast of boy, there was totally no help. That is why I founded in 2002 Amigos Colombianos. Meanwhile, thanks to the support of thousands of people in the Netherlands, hundreds of street girls received the opportunity through our program to build an acceptable future. With psychological counseling, education, training and work.

Because this is a Dutch organisation, most videos are in the Dutch languages. Allthough the images do not need any language.

This is the video channel of Amigos Colombianos:

Our home for streetgirls in 33 seconds.

The official website of Amigos Colombianos, where the Life Changing stories are told, is to read in Dutch and Espanol.

The uniqueness of this organization is the simplicity of the aid.

Nothing is spend on overhead costs.

amigos colombianos2

100% volunteers – 0% fiddlesticks


If you want to send a gift to Frank and the street girls of Medellin, you can fill in the form on the website.

You can also donate directly to their bankaccount which is displayed on the form as well.

Amigos Colombianos, life changing

Coloring for kids, Life Changing for this girl

amigos colombianos 5When you want to change the world, be the change, Mahatma GandhiFrank van Rijn took this qoute with whole his heart and started a life changing adventure in the Colombian streets of Medellin.

Loes Knetsch

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Global Warming for Kids

As you all by now know, it is not going so well with our earth. In this industrial age, we are all together responsible for the global warming

For kids, this is a difficult subject to understand. Because they are growing up in a time where everything, of course, is electrical. In this blog, I want to give parents and educators some handles to explain global warming for kids.

At first, I want to show you a little video which I found on the website of  World Wildlife Fund. It counts from 1880 – 2005.  And for sure this problem did not dissolve until now. It is a Dutch site, but the little movie does not need words.

World Wildlife Fund
Global Warming for Kids Movie, 26 seconds, click here!

 Global Warming for Kids

When it comes to explaining global warming to kids, there are a lot of difficult words to explain. Words as greenhouse gases, dinitrogen monoxide, nitric oxide, ozone layer or carbon dioxide. I will leave them for what they are. I will attend the Kyoto protocol at the bottom of this article.

How can you, in an easy way, explain the global warming to them?

At first, you can start with the cause of what and who are responsible for the effect of the warming up of the earth.

  • The industrial progress, more and more industry
  • Cutting trees for our needs, p.e.  paper – furniture – houses etc.
  • Our use of electricity
  • More and more people using cars, shipping and truck transport
  • Mega production of the meat industry
  • ……about everything a human being thinks he needs

We have now determined the cause.

Global warming for kids warning sign

What can you do about it? I mean, in what way can every living person take its own responsibility.

  • You can be careful with your things and clothes, so you don’t have to replace them for new. And when you took care of your stuff, they are good enough to recycle.
  • You can recycle all your paper, that will save trees.
  • You can turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Or pull the plug out of your charger when not in use.
  • Do not use spray bottles with (N2O) (nitrous oxide)
  • Put a warm sweater on before turn up the central heater.
  • Use a timer for the shower.
  • Teach your children to look where the groceries are coming from, are they local, or have they travelled all around the world?
  • Be an example and walk more, or take your bike.
  • Use your car only if you really have to.
  • Teach your children to say NO to all plastic junk at the checkout.
  • The meat industry is the most harmful industry for our environment. Try to learn your children they will survive without a piece of meat every day. Even without any meat, they will!
  • You can vote! Yes, you can make a difference!
  • Everything we use becomes an attack on our environment because we are with 7 billion people right now. It is not one time a person throws away some paper. If everyone does that it will be 7 billion pieces of papers! 7 billion slices of meat! 7 billion chargers left in! 7 billion lights on!
City lights San Diego Bay
Turn out your lights!                                            City lights San Diego Bay –  Blogphoto TV – Thomas Hanna


Global Warming for Kids, the consequences when we do not listen to our scientists.

  • Floods caused by melting of Arctic ice
  • Extreme weather, hurricanes and thunderstorms
  • Diseases from bad air and water
  • Extinction of animals and plants
  • Extreme droughts

We get warnings from nature itself! The coral reefs are in a dying state. It is a warning the state of the seawater is very worrying. We are getting super storms. Nature will warn us, over and over again, we can choose to listen, and we can choose to ignore it.

Global warming for kids Global warning

Global warming for kids resume.

Kyoto Protocol

In 1997 some top leaders came to the conclusion, there had to be a change. They came together in the Japanese city Kyoto.

Kyoto I. They proposed a protocol on how much pollution a country could make. A whole lot of countries would not sign this agreement. Because when you agree, you have to live up to it!

Kyoto II. Far from all industrialized countries comply with the Kyoto II, as many states did not participate in the first protocol. In addition to the 27 states of the EU there are about 10 countries participating.

There are 195 internationally recognized independent states. So 158 states are still not willing to change their habits to save the environment.

Large states (and polluters) as United States, Russia, Japan and Canada remain outside the protocol. The countries that have agreed to sign are accountable for about 15 percent of global emissions.

158 countries will not agree to change their lifestyle. They are our world leaders and refuse to sign this extreme important agreement.

The WWF and Greenpeace are really unhappy with this outcome.

My message to all parents, educators and children

When we can make our children aware of how heavy the load is on our environment, the production and transport, our consumption, perhaps we can save our environment…..for their children’s children! Our own children are the world leaders of the future.

Global warming for kids exit earth

Teach the children well, and we can change the world in one decennium!


Global Warming for Kids



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Power of the Subconscious Mind

We live in a hectic world, continuously hurtling forward. Where stress and burnout are frequently occurring and difficult to avoid. When did you take the time to relax? Do you remember the last time you gave attention to the power of the subconscious mind? The last time you meditate or went just for a long walk through nature?

What do you teach your children? Do they know the power of the subconscious mind? Do you teach them the abilities when they use this power? Or do you have problems to acknowledge the power of the subconscious mind yourself?

My eye fell on these books on full-length, in full length audio-recorded books. Free to listen to.

Some people will say: “I don’t have time to read a book”. The convenience of an audio book is that you can do the ironing, the dishes or even clean the toilet and the bathroom whilst listening.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

The first book I want to share with you is “The science of getting rich” written by Wallace Delois Wattles.

About this author:

power of the subconscious mind
Wallace Delois Wattles was an American author. A New Thought writer, The best known work of Wallace D. Wattles is book called The Science of Getting Rich, published in 1910, in which he explained how to become wealthy.

After studying works of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wattles claimed to have discovered the truth of New Thought principles. Before he published his book, he put them into practice in his own life. He lived every page of his books.

He encouraged his readers to test his theories on themselves rather than take his word as an authority. Creative visualization is the technic Wattles practiced. He “formed a mental picture” or visual image, and then “worked toward the realization of this vision”.

After Rhonda Byrne got a copy of this book as a present from her daughter, she wrote the famous book “The Secret”

Buy The Science of getting rich from Wallace D. Wattles as paperback. 165 books of this writer available.

The second book I want to share with you is “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” written by Joseph Murphy

About this author:

 Power of the Subconscious Mind
Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy was born in Ireland, in 1898.

He immigrated to America and followed a study at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Joseph Murphy shows how your subconscious mind controls your behavior. The strength in yourself is based on positive thinking and proves that everyone is able to live a happy life. Key topics covered include: health, relationships, freedom, wealth, career and cure addictions. Thanks to the practical tips you get a grip on your subconscious, you make the best use of the power of thought and happiness is within reach.

Buy The Power of the Subconscious Mind from Joseph Murphy as paperback.

I want to wish you a lot of hearing and learning pleasure with these two excellent and outstanding books about the power of the subconscious mind.

Written by:

subconscious mind

Would you please share this post if you want to spread wealth..

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How Floating Doctors Save Lives

When we sit at the table, we talk about various issues. Yesterday we talked about very rich people who employ a gardener, a cook, a butler and a chauffeur. Today we came to talk about Charities. And what organizations the children all knew . And which good work they all did. When I explain the good deeds of the Red Cross, one of the children says:


So the Red Cross is actually the “Butler” of all people!

So we continue to talk about The Flying Doctors and Doctors without Borders. Then I ask them: But have you ever heard anything about the” Floating Doctors?”


This is the story of the Floating Doctors

The Floating Doctors

Benjamin Labrot studies medicine and migrates with his backpack loaded with medicine to outlying parts of  the Caribbean to help people. When his backpack is empty, he feels terribly sad and powerless.

He goes back to America and he sets up “The Floating Doctors”. His base is a boat. Instead of 15 kg medications, Benjamin can take 10,000 kg medication with himFloating Doctors.

The boat, “The Southern Wind” is the workplace and residence.

Benjamin Labrot works with a team of volunteers. A group of doctors and volunteers who provide free medical care in remote and poor areas.

Over the past few years the team of volunteers treated more than 13,000 patients.

Often they travel on foot for a few days in the jungle to get at villages. Some have never seen a doctor before.

Would you like to help as a volunteer on the boat from Benjamin Labrot?

Are you a doctor, nurse, dentist, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, medical student, public health researcher, educator, engineer, someone with a pair of willing hands, or just have  the desire to help out in this world ?

You are welcome to participate in this project!

Floating Docters Donation

These volunteers work for the satisfaction and to make a difference in the world.

Your donation comes fully to the right place!

Anyone can contribute, through a donation, to share this article on social media or by going on the ship and having a real commitment to the Floating Doctors.


Floating Doctors



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What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

and what do we explain to our precious grandchildren?


Pesticides are meant to be very toxic. We add them deliberately to our environment. They are meant to kill insects to maintain crops.

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

Credit: D: Kenya mau-forest complex trans mara Rift small planes spraying chemicals on grain growers wheat grains agricultural pesticide health food quality security agriculture horizontal – Fred Hoogervorst, Wildlife and travel photography from photo

With as result less insects, and that means less birds. Alarming mortality among bees, which means less crop. Planting in nature is getting toxic by polluted groundwater.

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

More and more animals are getting effected. Increasingly land is being polluted.

How ignorant are we?

We are the mammals with sense? When are we gone use it?

We use soil fumigants. Residents, children and farmers are suffering from respiratory problems, tantalizing eyes and skin rashes.

What on earth are we thinking?

Yes, there are guidelines from the government, about which poison is aloud and how much. Which poison is not killing us directly and which poison is killing us directly.

And we use both, in the agricultural sector and in the war sector.

In the mean while there are pesticides in our:

  • CropWhat do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren
  • Fruit
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Conserve
  • Drinking water

Also in

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Rivers
  • Air
  • Groundwater

Even in our clothing!

The cotton industry works with fertilizer, pesticides and defoliant.

Only 2.5% of the arable land is producing biologic cotton.

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren
Biologic cotton label

What do you know about the results in the future?

What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren?

  • There are pesticides who cause cancer.
  • Some can cause damage to our genetic material.
  • Other pesticides disrupt the functioning of our hormones.
  • Pesticides can disrupt the functioning of our immune system.
  • Many insecticides act on the central nervous system.
  • Some pesticides are absorbed by our fat tissue. The combined effect of such a cocktail of harmful substances is unpredictable.


We know that we are messing up, and we are still going on.

There are definitely a few essential things we need to survive.

Air, water and food

And we poison all three of them.

Remarkable, we need organisations like Greenpeace to conquer for a healthier and cleaner environment.

Where is our common sense gone to.

 So, what do you tell your grandchildren when they ask: “Grandma and Grandpa didn’t you know these chemicals where bad for us?

What will your answer be?


What do Pesticides to our Beautiful Grandchildren

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Christmas Inspirational Thoughts

Christmas Inspirational Thoughts. Here are my thoughts, and I invite you to share yours.

What is the most precious gift you can give to another? Perhaps an expensive diamond juwel? A gorgeous car? A house? A playstation? When we are thinking of giving something, we usually think of material stuff.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and we are going to think about how to be thankful and what we can give to eachother.

The shop owners are already making the windows beautiful and shiny. The children are going through the advertising leaflets, cutting out the things they want. They are totally not thinking of what they can give. The lives of our children is primarily about to have, to have,  to have.

What is wrong with our educational system?

As Francis of Assisi said:“For it is in giving that we receive.”

Christmas Inspirational Thoughts
Francis of Assisi. Teach the gosple all times, and if necessary use words

Isn’t it the highest time we are going to teach our children what this sentence is all about?

“Whatever it is you are really desiring, give it away. If it’s companionship, give it to someone else, and just listen to them and be there. If it’s money, give it to someone who is less fortunate. If it’s encouragement, give it to others. If it’s friendship, become the best friend you can be to others. If it’s time, serve others with your time. You will be amazed to see how much more of everything you have when you are willing to freely give.”
Osayi Osar-Emokpae  blogger

When you want to have more of something, regardless of what, you have to give it to another freely and with love. And it comes to you in large quantities.

Jesus said: “Ask and you will be given”. (Matt. 7:7-12)

Christmas Inspirational Thoughts
Live as Jesus

Matthew 22:36
“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

He said to him, “’You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’  This is the greatest and first commandment.   And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

We are sitting on a richness, trying to keep it all for ourselves, not knowing what will happen if we share freely.

We have so much gifts to give. We can give love, compassion, attention, time, help, care, money, material, warmth, education, and so on.

We just have to open up to the world and other human beings. See around us and notice what is needed.

We can also withdraw ourselves and put ourselves on a narrow platform and choose not to.

What will be the right way to teach your children? To sit on their platform, or to look around and share their gifts?

How do you teach your children this way of life, you will ask?

Well that is the most simple question you can ask me.

Just live it! Be their example!

The most precious gift we can give to every human being is to let them know they are worth to exist.

Christmas Inspirational Thoughts
We can act!

And we can let them know, by taking care of their basic needs. To provide a shelter, food, clean drinking water, medical treatment, education and proper clothing for all human beings.

I invite you to share your thoughts. Your Christmas Inspirational Thoughts in the form below, I would appreciate that,

Share your Thoughts

“Do give books – religious or otherwise – for Christmas. They’re never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal.”
― Lenore Hershey

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Quality of Life Starts with Equality

Quality of Life Starts with EqualityQuality of Life Starts with Equality



Quality of Life Starts with Equality

This blog is a contribution to blog action day 2014

#bad2014 #blogactionday #inequality


Inequality brings life out of balance

 A better life starts with you

The quality of life starts with equality.  We, the people, are placing ourselves above all other life on earth, with all its consequences:

CO2 Emissions Pollutions Overconsumption.

The only guilty ones are human beings. It is not the cars, not the meat industry and not the companies that cause pollutant emissions.

The only perpetrator is HUMAN

There is only one guilty aspect of the pollution everywhere on earth, and that is the behavior of mankind. Man and woman whom individually withdraw them from any responsibility.

Mankind must change!

We want CHEAP

We want MUCH

We want to CONSUME

And it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Who makes it. Who is suffering from terrible working conditions? It is to much hassle for us to inquire. It goes well as it is. Or maybe not?

We all know that the meat industry is the biggest culprit in terms of CO2 emissions. But to eat less meat is quite a task.

Worldwide we feed 735 million kilos of grain to the life stock. The pollution is enormous. (Livestock 61%) and (Traffic 18%) You know as well as I do, that every day thousands of children die of malnutrition. Whilst there is enough food in the world to feed these children.

Quality of Life Starts with EqualityQuality of Life Starts with Equality

Honestly, do you think about this figure when you decide to eat meat every day? Do you realize that every day you skip your meat you save up lives? Who do you think is responsible for the hunger on this planet?

Organic and vegetarian food needs some adjustment in your life, but isn’t that worth it?

When I look in the Wallmart and see the pitiful amount of biologic and fair-trade. I assume mankind is not yet ready to see their individual responsibility in this matter. And yet, it is the responsibility of every single person. We all know which the labels are of “better life” (pay attention to the number of stars) EKO, Biological, MSC, Fair-Trade.

CO2 Emissions Pollutions Overconsumption

What are you intend to do about it?

There is only one aspect of the pollution everywhere on earth, and that is the behavior of  MANKIND

By all means, we are warned of the adverse effects of smoking. No text is avoided. Excise duty is increased. Advertisements are strictly prohibited. In contrast, the subsidized livestock  and commercials about pound bangers easily transmitted.

What Tabacco can cause, you know that by now, but what about the knowledge of meat consumption?

 Eating meat is deadly  Smoking is deadly
 Protect your children: let them not eat meat  Protect your children: don’t let them inhale smoke
 Eating meat causes cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease  Smoking causes cancer, COPD and heart disease
 Meat, source of animal suffering  Tobacco, source of human suffering
 meat can make you fat  smoke can make you sick
 meat contains hormones and antibiotics  smoke contains over 7000 harmful substances
 meat is made from carcasses  Tobacco comes from the tobacco plant of the nightshade family
 meat pollutes groundwater  Tobacco: 300 cigarettes each cost a tree
 Meat creates scarcity in the food chain  Tobacco creates overcrowding in hospitals
 This tasty snack was once a living creature  This tasty tobacco was sprayed with pesticide

The man is an omnivore, and therefore, unlike a carnivore. Mankind is well functioning largely on plant foods. A little less meat does better than harm. And it is much better for the environment and the health of humans and animals. In the past, it was a sign of wealth to eat as much meat as possible and preferably every day. Now it is a sign of wealth to skip the meat deals and to replace them with a piece of organic meat or a vegetarian burger!
You do not MISS a piece of meat, you GIVE people and animals their dignity back in life.

Inequality brings life out of balance
The quality of life starts with equality
Loes Knetsch gold
Quality of life strats with equality

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Teach children to lose graciously

How difficult it is for children to lose graciously

How do you teach children to lose graciously? Wherever you look in this society, everybody  is running a race.  We are teaching our children that only “the best” counts. That losing is wrong. We praise our children for being successful, give them grades, and when they are not successful we are disappointed. Our educational system sorts our children on intellect, sports performance, and externals.

The result is

Those children are going to be unreasonably mad when they are losing a game or a contest which reaches totally beyond their capability. That is not odd because we have taught them exactly this behavior by telling them from their earliest age that winning is important.

Let them feel

  • unconditional love
  • their inner beauty
  • they are important, whatever they accomplish

Let them know you appreciate their

  • love
  • empathy
  • helpfulness
  • attention
  • sensitivity
  • self-confidence

Stop the rat race and the pressure to perform by

  • shifting your attention of the winning part to the sentient part.
  • teaching children that  mutual contact is more important than winning.
  • playing a lot of games and emphasize the atmosphere around it.
  • applauding the entire team, not just the one that scores.
  • pricing the intention, despite the result.
  • taking out the competition element.

You teach children to lose graciously by giving them unconditional love and attention. They do not to compete for your love by performing the way you want them to.

And do not ever tell your children:

  • you ARE naughty,
  • or you ARE stupid,
  • or you ARE unpleasant

I even heard a father say: “You are a pain in the ass.”

Tell them your BEHAVIOR is naughty, or what you DO is unacceptable, or what you DID was a bit stupid.

Because what they ARE and what they DO are two completely different things. It is very important you give your children self-confidence by telling them constantly who they are. And that you are leading them in their behavior

Teach children to lose graciously

by telling them who they are

Click the picture for a beautifully written post on

teach children to lose graciously
Unconditional by Riku



Teach children to loose gracefully







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7 Tips for Talking About Racism With Kids

 How to live healthy

Be the Circle

Psychology of colors

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A child with annoying behavior
how can you break bad habits


It can really amaze me how some children behave, and that some parents really do not understand how this behavior did arose. They really do not seem to get there own responsibility in that fact. When you do not have a clue why your child is misbehaving, it is time for some self-reflection.

Be aware of the fact, that every time you give in just for once, you have to correct misbehavior 30 times afterwards.
  • When your child can not sleep and wants to sleep in your bed, you are tired and say, oké, just this once…..
  • Your child is nagging for a sweety in the supermarket, and you give in just for once…..
  • Your child comes out of bed, and you let it watch TV for a while just for once…..
  • When you let your child play with unsuitable toys just for once…..

(unsuitable toys, your keys, remote controls, mobile phones etc. you better learn them from the earliest beginning to keep their hands of your and other people’s things)

Tips for parents before go shopping, when repeatedly everything goes wrong :
  • Decide before you go into the store, how you will react when your child will misbehave.
  • Make a list for what is needed and stick to it, so you can give your attention to the kids.
  • Talk to your kids before leaving and tell them which behavior you expect from them.
  • One child can help putting the listed groceries into the cart, the others will sit in the cart or have their turn the next time. When you let 2 children help, you are asking for a quarrel.
Tell them:
  • To keep their hands from anything in the store.
  • That you expect them to stay with you in the store.
  • That you will not allow nagging.

Make a deal and set an award before you go shopping and remind them,  just before entering the store, to the bargain you made.

The award can be something like:

  • baking cookies together
  • extra tablet time
  • bathtime instead of shower
  • choose which veggie to eat
  • go afterwards to the park or playground

Do not start giving kids food in the supermarket just for once….

Do not tolerate any crap, like eyerolling, funny voices, baby behavior or nagging.

Child-Annoying-Behavior-Break-Bad-Habits-Tips- for Parents

  • Very important! Be attentive and give a compliment about every good behavior
  • Set up an award program
  • Be consequent, when they reach the age of 14, you can start negotiation.
  • Be sure you can carry out the restriction at once, do what you say you will.
  • Threat only with punishment you can implement
  • Give only punishment where you will not be a victum of
  • Negotiate is out of the question
  • Give a time – out
Time – out

You can set up an award system, I use the “tumb-up” system, they get an award when they have earned 50 tumbs!

And they can earn them on every occasion where I like to see a change.

To mention a few:

  • Wash their hands after going to the toilet and turn of the light
  • Nice playing with each other for an hour
  • Without any quarrel walk to and out of school
  • Set the table for lunch
  • Neatly talk no weird words, no smart mouth or talking back
  • Sometimes spontaniously, when their behavior is really helpful

Charts you can copy and print for your own use.

It is greatly appreciated if you leave a comment or share the post because I like to reach a lot of parents.



Copyright Photo Time_Out_by_Kittihawk11 –

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7 Tips for Talking About Racism With Kids

7 Tips for Talking About Racism With Kids

When we look around, especially in big cities, we have to admit we are a colorful mixed race.

7 Tips for Talking About Racism With Kids

In the passing of the years, your child can pick up some prejudices you don’t like to see in or hear from your child. It is a new balance you want to create in your child, but how can you handle this.


Traditionally it’s baked into our genes to belong to a group or a movement. People who look alike or thinks alike, family and friends first. And we, as parents, show our children in daily life that this is normal. We talk about other beliefs as if they are not right. Talk about poor people (antisocial) as if they don’t count. We often won’t live up to the example, the example your kids need to be objective. So before you are reading my tips, keep in mind in what way you are steering your kid towards some conclusions

I like to give you a few tips on how you can react to this delicate subject.

1. Talk about it, and let your child talk about it.

Do not be tempted to ban the thought of your child.
Ask questions, why your child thinks about another that way.
Try to find out “the Why”, perhaps it is just an innocent reply,
which is applicable to every person, and totally not race-related.
Has it to do with the group your child wants to belong to?
And in what way are you the example in belonging to a group.

2. When the “Why” is clear, take every opportunity to adjust your child

When it is a minor issue on pre-school, ask the mom and the child over to visit sometime.
When your child is older, perhaps you can start some voluntary work together.

3. Give response in child language

Talk to your child in a way they can understand.
7 Tips for Talking About Racism With Kids

4. Be open and honest

Tell them, that there are, among all races, good and bad people. That they can’t trust everyone, whether they are from the west, the east, the south or the north. And if they have questions about who to trust and who not, you will be always there to advise them.

5. Be an example, live on to your words

Sit down, next to the outlander in the park, and give a friendly smile and greeting, rather than walk around them with an air and sit down on the next bench.

Do not make faces or make comments to your children when you pass someone who looks different.

6. Go to a cultural event

Look around if there is a bazaar or a performance in a park provided by a cultural organization. And take your children there to taste some of the food and get familiar with the people.

7 Tips for Talking About Racism With Kids

7. Give some history

Once there were only a handful human beings on the earth. But the group became too large, there was no food enough for the whole group, so they split up. Some went to the North and West, some to the South and East. The people adapted themselves to the conditions where they lived. They went off in a group with their own genetic material, and grow into a specific human race. You can explain it the easiest way to a child to say, when a black man and a white woman are getting a child, the child will not be totally black nor totally white, it will become a mixture of both.

Racism is based on ignorance of the other, so if you want to do something against racism, make sure you understand the other.

Some people are very proud to be part of the specific race they were born into, and try to keep everything separated. One man in particularly wrote his own history page with it. His name was Hitler because he thought that his race was the only one who had the right to exist. So he stirred up the people with slogans as “they are the guilty ones that our economic is going down”. The result was that millions of people from specific races and groups were killed. Not only Jews, but also homosexuals, gypsies and ‘economically unworthy’ as physically and mentally handicapped, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Free Bible Students, trade unionists, Freemasons, Communists, Spanish republicans, Serbs, Quakers, and people who oppose the Nazis, were persecuted and murdered.

Teach your children, you’re not better, you’re different!



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Teach the Children Well, so we can Change the Future in one Decade

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