Recycle Old Greeting Cards Instruction Manual

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Not only you get a lot of Christmas and greeting cards, you also get a lot of cards send to you by charity instances you never will use. With this instruction manual, you can also make your own unique photo frame.

Here is a creative way to recycle old greeting cards

To make boxes, window chimes or unique photo frames.

What do you need for it?Window hanger

  • You have to find 6 similar old greeting cards
  • Make a mal
  • Coton thread and needle
  • Some beads
  • Charms (if you have them)
  • Prick and pad
  • Flowers from candle decoration

You can use anything for the decoration what you like.

1. Make a mal
Recycle Old Greeting Cards
2. Cut out the pieces

and number them on the back side
Recycle Old Greeting Cards mal
Recycle Old Greeting Cards mal

3. Prick holes in the card on a pad

Lay the patterns with the back sides towards each other and prick the holes together +/- 5 mm from the side. 1+1 and 2+2 etc.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards prick holes

4. Sew the sides

Sew the sides of the cards and leave a piece of thread 25-30 cm on both sides. You can use that to attach the beads and charms.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards sew

5. Lace top and bottom

Lace-up a piece of lace through the top and bottom.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards lace

6. Attach the top and bottom according to the numbers inside.

advertisement bol charms

7. Attach beads and charms
Recycling postcards

Kids really love to make these window chimes from old greeting cards! 10-year-olds can make it themselves, with the proper instructions. When they are younger, they need a helping hand. 4-year-olds can choose the cards and the beads and can make 2 or 3 stitches 😉

Creative Christmas wishes

When you are having plans to spend your Christmas days at your family or friends house, or you want to send a very special birthday wish to someone you love, you can create a special card for them this way too. You can put it in a box and send it by post.

Original photo frame for wedding pictures

Do you want to make something special from your wedding pictures? This might give you an idea too. I would stick the pictures on a piece of soft cardboard first, to give them more strength.

It will look very nice for sure between all average cards!

Happy recycling!

Loes Knetsch

Your hobby on a website

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Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

When you want to have something original, the airwheel self balancing electric unicycle is amazing!

airwheel self balancing electric unicycle


MANUFACTORY:  Metem Technology

CATEGORY:  Outdoor

AGE:  12 up


MATERIAL: synthetic

PRICE:  € 360


Product Description

Relaxed floating through the streets or stunting with your friends while you transport yourself from the station to school or work. That’s pure enjoyment! Enjoy the freedom this electric one-wheel-cycle will give you.

Your body is your steering wheel. By leaning forward slightly the airwheel accelerates up to 18 km / h. Braking is done by sitting back. Easy! Do not worry about your balance, the gyroscope together with the fuzzy logic software are always taking care for the right balance. So you can literally without falling move towards all sides.

Learning to ride on the Airwheel X3 is easy, within a few hours you have mastered it. The Airwheel X3 comes standard with a workout set of two side wheels that you can fix on the footpegs.

On a single charge of only 120 minutes (80% battery load in 90 minutes) the AirWheel battery X3 runs 18 to 23 kilometers. The unicycle is easy to carry in bus or train, thanks to the handle, the optional matching backpack can be ordered with it, and the Airwheels minimum weight is 9.8 kilograms. Conversely, the compact unicycle may carry 120 kilos.

Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Everyone is watching YOU!

The Airwheel is here and it is absolutely bonkers!
This self balancing one wheel electric unicycle scooter solves your transportation needs.

And although it is easy to learn, due to the balance side wheels, you really will feel some muscle ache the next day. When you own a pair of shin guards it’s recommended to wear a pair faced the inside of your shins until you’ve got the hang of it. The key is to shift your weight from one side to the other, and in the meanwhile keeping pressure on your feet so the wheel stays in motion.


Sale/Solden 2016
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The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages you will find at
I have searched for presents suitable for all ages.

Some sales are temporary and only valid during a few weeks.

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Light Stax Christmas puzzle € 17,95

Light stax Christmas puzzle, Light Stax Kerstmis Puzzel
Light Stax Christmas Puzzle

Product specification
10 pieces
Users info
Suitable ages 2 – 99 jaar

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Smiffy Christmas Jumper Costume € 52,99

Smiffy Christmas Jumper Costume
Smiffy Christmas Jumper Costume

Product specification
Seizes – Regular fit
Users info
Age – 20-99

De leukste kerstmis cadeaus voor alle leeftijden

3D Christmas Tree € 7,99

#D Christmas tree
3D Christmas tree

Product specifications
Multi trendy color
Seize: 43,5 x 34 x 34 cm (lxbxh)
4 – 14 jaar

de leukste kerst kado's voor alle leeftijden

Santa Claus name apron € 15,95

Santa Claus name apron
Santa Claus name apron

Product specifications via
Size: One size
Color: Multy
Age: 16 – 99 jaar

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Benza Santa hat with lights, LED € 6,25

Benza Santa hat with lights, LED

Product specifications
Brand: Benza
Size: One size
Color: Rood
Age: 12 – 1200 months

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Moulds nativity set complete € 48,95


Moulds nativity set complete
Moulds nativity set complete

Age: 8 – 99 jaar


Stars for Christmas tree shape – 12 pieces € 7,25

Stars for Christmas tree shape - 12 pieces

Product specifications
Stars – Firework
Age: 12 years and up

Christmas Border

Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20 – Hotair fryer – Black € 149,00

Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20 - Hotair fryer - Black
Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20 – Hotair fryer – Black

Product specifications
Color black
Cool Wall Yes
Insulated handle Yes
nonstick Yes
Non-slip feet Yes
Maximum capacity in gram 800 gram


Christmas border

Powerbank € 29,99 or € 19,99
with 1000 airmiles

TP-Link TL-PB10400 Powerbank 10400 mAh Power Bank – Wit | TP-Link

Award winning product!

Smart charging technology detects your devices, and load the quickest possible. Ideal for home, on the train, on a long flight or other outdoor activities where you have no outlet handy.

Smart charging technology
Smart charging technology

Product specifications
White, Blue
Brand TP-Link
Weight 350 grams
Packaging width 90
Packaging height 60
Packaging length 140
Package Contents TL-PB10400 Power Bank,
Micro USB cable,
carry case,

Christmas border

Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Black – Tablet € 239,00

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Black - Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Black – Tablet

Product specifications

Product information
brand Samsung
Color black
introduction 2015
2 year manufacturer warranty
Operating System Android 5.0
Internet Connections WiFi
Bluetooth Version 4

Christmas border

Catan Big Box € 54,99

Catan Big Box
Catan Big Box


What’s in the Catan Big Box?

Besides Catan basic game and the expansion Traders & Barbarians you will find two new game boards (Mallorca and New York). These include special rules in addition to the history of these two interesting locations. A tableau with two Berlin monuments gives players additional strategic opportunities. The variant “Helpers of Catan” offers solid character cards with special features for players. And as icing on the cake the Catan Big Box contains a pink set of pieces (including documents for Seafarers and Cities & Knights), which lets you substitute a different color.

Christmas border

Eiffel Tower-Night Edition – 3D puzzle € 26,99

Eiffel Tower-Night Edition - 3D puzzle
Eiffel Tower-Night Edition – 3D puzzle

Product specifications
Product Type: 3D puzzle
Recommended age: 12 years and older
Boys and girls
Players From 1 to 2 players
Weight: 0,581 kg
Dimensions: 27.4 x 6.9 x 19.3 cm (LxWxH)

Christmas border

Headphones from € 6,88 to € 350,00


Always a good choice, to give a headphone.

Christmas border

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker – Black € 34,99

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker - Black
Misfit Flash Activity Tracker – Black

Keeps track of all your movements – healthy living

Product specifications
Brand: Misfit
Color: Wave, fuchsia, black, reef, red, white
In the box fitness tracker clasp + flash + sport band + battery
Dimensions (W x H x D) 28.5 x 28.5 x 8 mm
Weight 63 g
materials Polycarbonate

Christmas border

MP3 Players from € 19,99 to € 79,99

MP3 players
MP3 players

Nice to give, nice to get 🙂

Christmas border

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle – Dartbord € 47,49

For endless playing fun

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle - Dartbord
Winmau Blade 4 Bristle – Dartbord

Product specifications
Age Warning Not suitable for children under 3 years
Product Type: Dartboard
Recommended age: 8-99 years
Boys and girls
Reviews: Quality Good

Longfield Gift Set Soft and Steeltip Darts € 7,99

Longfield Gift Set Soft and Steeltip Darts
Longfield Gift Set Soft and Steeltip Darts

Christmas border

Ice cream makers from € 26,95 to € 1099,00

Ice cream makers
Ice cream makers

High differences in price-quality ratio.

Christmas border

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The best kids toys

The worst kids toys

Visit my wealthy affiliate profile
Visit my wealthy affiliate profile


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The best Kids toys, my review

The best kids toys you can buy in my opinion. My toppers! For different ages. What always has to be bought for children are building toys as Lego, Meccano or Playmobile.

price change reserved

The best kids toys age 0-4

1. Baby bouncer – € 62.95

Age: 3+ months

Thanks to the handy clip this bouncer is easy to fit to almost any door frame without screwing or drilling. The safety harness is very comfortable and equipped with a lock that can not be opened by children. My children loved it!

Baby bouncer

2. Pooh bear – Winnie de Pooh € 49.99

The best Kids toys
Our Moving Pooh bear with music

Age: 9+ months

Pooh gives a little music and moves, This toy makes your baby smile 🙂 indestructible, our Pooh’s been seven years now.

Pooh bear, winnie de pooh
Pooh bear – Winnie de Pooh

3. Puky balance bike – € 64,99

Age: 2-4 year

Solid starter bike for your little one. It amazes me how quite little children are biking this thing. Super toy!

balance bike, loopfiets
Balance Bike

4. Inline Skates

Age: 4+

This should not be missing in the assortment of your kids toys.

Inline Skates
Inline skates

The best kids toys age 5 – 8

5. 4 in a Row – Download – € 1.99

Age: 5+ year


4 in a row download

Or the traditional 4 in a row – € 13.99

Age: 5+ year

Great game to play whilst having teatime with your child, I ‘ve played this one hundreds of times with my children, and still like it 🙂

4 in a row

6. Labyrinth – Doolhof/ Dutch version – € 24,99

Age: 5+ year

Logical thinking and forward thinking is being stimulated with this game. I love to play it with the children.

7. Swingball Mookie – € 33.99

Age: 5+

So much fun, this tennis game, it’s in my garden for over 6 years now, my children and all the children of the daycare like it a lot! And I do also play it!

Swingball Game Mookie
Swingball Mookie


Best kids toys age 9+

8. Smart balance wheel – € 489

Age: 9+

Next to the waveboard, the smart balance wheel is quite a nice present to get 🙂

Smart balance wheel

9. AirRaiders Focus – Drone – € 49,99

Age: 12+

A drone with camera, the dream of every teenage boy.

AirRaiders Focus - Drone
AirRaiders Focus – Drone

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The worst Kids toys, my review

Every day I am looking at Cartoon network, or some other kids TV channel. I am so surprised about the terrible toys grown-ups come up with. The ads which are displayed to kids. The wannahaves!!

I will share my top 10 in random order of the most terrible kids toys they have invented nowadays. And under the video or picture you will find my comment on these toys.

The worst kids toys in my opinion.

 1. Zoomer Zuppies – € 39,95

This is so terrible. The ad is saying it’s ideal for children who can’t have their own puppy be cause of an allergy. I spontaniously develop an allergy for these fony toys. So are the Zoomer Dinos an Kitties

Click here If you still want to buy a Zoomer Zuppie

2. DigiDino Apollo – € 9,99

Never ever saw something as mind blowing like this to give your children.

Click here when you want to buy a DigiDino

The same story you can apply for the 3. DigiBirds –

€ 4.99 a piece


Click here if you want to purchase the Digibirds

4. The wall racer – € 41.06

Who the heck, wants his children to ride with cars on the wall??

Some comments I found on the internet:

After half an hour the car was already gone.
New batteries … unfortunately without result

Does not move right
The wall racer is a setback. He sticks well as the windows but does not run on it. Also on the floor he comes barely ahead. This is probably because the wheels underneath not protrude enough to drive. I returned the car.

If you still want to buy the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Drive click here

5. Charley Sheen bobblehead – € 49.95

What on earth are you thinking? Giving this to your child!

When you really want to buy this head, click here

6. Peacekeepers camouflage rifle 59 cm – € 8.74

 Peacekeepers camouflage geweer 59 cm kids toy

What a terrible way to teach your kids about peace.
To give a rifle to an eight year old child? Would that learn the child something about peace?

To get a peacekeeper for your child, click here

7. Cobra Attack – € 27.99

This video is in Spanish but it shows enough about the imitation of this toy. To buy this  very dangerous cobra click here

It’s from the same category as

8. Bello bites – € 24.99

Bello Bites

Click here to buy this doggy

9. Walking Dead doll – € 28.95

Walking Dead Doll

Age 4 year?? Great! Which twisted mind is bringing something  like this on the market?

You can buy this stuff here

10. Pie Face – € 43.99

pie face

Well,  need I say something about this? Spray can whipped cream? The stupidity slaps you right in the face.

Buy it here, exclusive cream

The worst Kids toys are of all times.

Not only today, but in the past there has been quite a few missers too. To name a few.

Skipper which you could stretch and give boobies.
A saddle for Daddy? OMG!
Little kiddies smoking package???
And the inventer of the badman waterpistol surely saw his error after the production of this toy.

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What is parenting? How to parent, positive parenting tips


Quite a heavy subject to write about, what is parenting? Because every parent is convinced of doing it right, and they are! Given the knowledge they have in store.

Raising children

Raising children need skills. You can’t just take a child without any previous preparation. It is doomed to failure. When I go to a hairdresser to cut my hair, I expect at least that person has followed an education of four years. When the child is born, the mother is also born . What does your child expect?

you mean to tell me you don't know everything

Parenting advice

When you are ready to start a family of your own, you will come in an acceleration of tips, advices and arrangements to make. Everybody around you seems to know more than you do. About what to buy, what to read and how the pregnancy will go and childbirth will feel.  You may or may not go to the gym, what supplements to take. Take every advice in consideration and decide for yourself which one to follow.
There will be advices to give birth in a bath, but when you hate taking a bath in the first place, don’t follow this well-intentioned advice. Be sure you find for yourself the most comfortable and safe place to give birth to your child.

Parenting Skills

Do you need to go to a course to learn the skills about parenting?
Or do you need to read some books to learn how to become a good parent? Most of your parenting skills you learn from your Mom and Dad. How did they manage to get you where you are right now?
What are your thoughts? Did they do a terrific job? Or do you want to be a totally different parent for your child? When you want to do it totally different, it might be advisable to get yourself some books to read or trainings to follow, because the only thing you are taught is the way your own parents have done the parenting. And when you don’t learn how to educate your children in a better way, it’s quite common you will fall back into the same habits you want to avoid.

Parenting tips for toddlers

What do you need to address fermly and consequently when your toddler is between the 2 and 4 years of age.

I always go out from the situation that the child is 14-16 years of age, what kind of behaviour you want then, you address in the toddler time.

  1. Throwing with toys
  2. Rude talking back
  3. Respect for the surrounding and environment
  4. Kicking and beating
  5. Respect for food
  6. Tidy on clothing
  7. Pick up toys
  8. Sleeping in own room
  9. Quietly and softly talking outside
  10. Hygiene and potty training

Can you imagine when your don’t learn these 10 things to your toddler, what kind of behaviour your teenager will develope?

Positive discipline

Positive discipline is rewarding good behaviour. As you can see in the video’s positive behaviour is being rewarded with balls and negative behaviour is punished with a time-out.

I use big thumb charts to reward the children for positive behaviour, and when they have 50 thumbs up, they will be rewarded extra for it.

What is parenting

Bad parenting

There is no such thing as bad parenting. There is only such thing as a bad education about how to parent your child. And you become only a bad parent, when you see something is going wrong, and you refuse to learn all about it how to put things right.

And when it goes wrong, they do not have a reset button

What is parenting

Single parenting

To educate and socialize your children as a single parent can be quite challanging. Try to make good agreements with other care takers about parenting your children. Don’t ever make the mistake to start parenting outof guilt.

 What is parenting?

Parenting styles

* read she, her or herself when it concerns a girl.

Parenting Style 1: Authoritarian
An authoritarian parenting style is characterized by a lot of rules. The parent is the boss and the child must obey. When the child does not follow the rules? Then he will be punished. Authoritarian parents do not explain the rules and give no room for discussion.

A child knows precisely what his parents expected of him. His parents are clearly in charge and decide what happens. Some children may (temporarily) benefit from an authoritarian upbringing.

A child may be frightened and docile by an authoritarian upbringing. Or rather rebellious and aggressive. In any case, a child develops low self-esteem and little independence. He doesn’t learn to reason why he wants something and can have difficulties to make the right decisions for himself. This kind of parenting can cause many worries. As the child grows, he will increasingly try to withdraw himself from his parents.

Parenting Style 2: Permissive 
Indulgent parents have a huge attention to the wishes and needs of their child. They give their child in almost everyting his way. In fact, the child is in control and there are few demands on him. Parents who use this style, take their children seriously but themselves not (or at least their own rules not). You often see that the parents want to be their childrens best friend.

In this method of educating the parent and child are equivalent. Causes very few conflicts: the child can do(almost) everything.

Child of permissive parents are spoiled and don’t get boundries. The child gets little feedback, and doesn’t learn to consider others. Moreover, he doesn’t learn to deal with his emotions and to control himself, he can be sad, impulsive and aggressive. If the child goes to puberty, the educators may lose their influence.

Note from the writer: As a parent you need to take responsibility to lead your child away from making bad choices. You are the parent, not the best friend. So you have to act like a parent!

Parenting Style 3: Democratic (also called authoritative)
Parents set the rules and at the same time pay attention to the wishes and needs of their child are democratic or authoritative educators. They lead with love, take into account the development of their child and consult with their child. The rules that they make with them are justified with arguments. The child is supported and encouraged. Give your child love, without accepting any crap. And be sure that a boundary is not always a constraint. This kind of parenting is working with flexible boundries.

This parenting style promotes self-confidence and independence of the child. The child is respected as a person and his development is followed. There is mutual openness between child and caregiver. Children who are raised in this way are often happier and do better in school. They have fewer behavioral problems and are more resilient against the negative influence of some peers.

The democratic parenting style takes the most time and energy of all parenting styles. The child will not obey blindly the parent. He wants to hear arguments. That engagement in conversation takes time and patience. Parents and children must accept that their opinions do not always agree. The danger is that a child will be free and emancipated. And parents just keep talking and arguing to maintain instead of boundaries. With this kind of parenting, it can get outof hand when your child has a very persistent personality.

Parenting Style 4: neglectful
There are also educators who neglect their child. They make few rules. They provide little security, support, safety and engagement. The child is left to his fate: he can figure it all out all by himself.
Parenting like this is an escape to any responsibility in relation to the child.

Not much advantages. To pay no attention to a child is easy. A parent like that has many time for himself and his work.

A neglectful caregiver learns his child nothing. The child doesn’t learn what is wise or fair. With as result, the child is at risk of coming into contact with the wrong friends. In any case the child brought up in this way feels himself lonely, abandoned and unloved.

Top 10 parenting tips for what is parenting

Which choices will liquify into a disaster.

Mistake number # 1

Playing with your mobile, or from behind your computer and nod your head, or just keep watching TV while your child talks to you.

Your child will translate it into: I am not important.

Mistake number # 2

Criticism and condemnation to comment on the behavior of your child. What’s wrong with you? How many times do I have to tell you? Pulling a face displeasure. Recognition is the first step in the education.

Tell them,  you understand what they go through, give recognition to the feelings of the child.

Mistake number # 3

Get angry when your child makes mistakes or if something fails then telling them that if it would have listened to you it would not have become such a mess.

Better tell them, I understand what went wrong, can I help you to set things right again?

Mistake number # 4

Too busy with your own pursuits and have no time to spend time alone with your child.

Make sure you have quality time with your kids. Enjoy the time you spend together, it goes faster than you think. Before you know it they left the house.

Mistake number # 5

The boss of your child.

Give your children choices or use humor. Let them in their own way of doing things, as long as it is not dangerous. Parents are here to educate children and to ensure their safety until they can do this themselves.

Mistake number # 6

Worrying about what others think and tell your children that the approval of others is important.

Teach your children to stop, before they do something and ask themselves, “What are the consequences if I do this” This skill will help them tremendously in their growing up. Imagine yourself, that your own child, a teenager, stops himself wondering, “What will be the result of unprotected sex?” “Or if I take this drug ” or if I drink and drive? “Or if I don’t study for an exam?”

Do you understand that these questions are much more important than “what will people say?”

Mistake no. # 7

To give your child only recognition for what he does.

Acknowledge your children for who they are, their qualities and character, not only for what they are doing. Tell your children that you’re happy to see them. You’ll find it delicious to spend time with them. It’s a joy to be with them. They are cozy and nice and they make you laugh. You feel at ease with them. That you love to look at them as they have fun with their brother or friend (s)

Acknowledge their trip, not only to their final destination. Their strength and dignity does not depend on what your child does.

I love you no matter what you perform. “

Mistake number # 8

Blindly take advice from family, friends or even experts. ”

Always ask yourself, “What effect would have it on my child as I frequently do or say what this person (friend, expert) tells me to do?”

Mistake number # 9

Tell your children that they should not cry or get angry.

Validate the feelings of your children. Say things like: “I know you feel sad at this time” or “That must really have hurt when …….” Or “You’re angry because I ………”
After validating feelings you can say, I advise you … .. because I love you. “If you reflect the feelings of your children back, they learn to honor their own feelings.

Mistake number # 10

Leave your child alone, walk away from your child. Let them emotionally alone.

Let your children know that you love them, unconditionally (that there exist no circumstance in which you would not  love them) and that you are never angry with them. You’re just angry at what they have done (their behavior). Children feel totally different depending on what you say.

Avoid in any case to tell them: you are bad, or you are stupid. Or in the worse case, to say: I hate you. Tell them instead, what you did was wrong, and what you said was not that smart. And I hate it when you behave like that.

Embrace and hug your children often and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Let them know that their behavior is not always  good, but you will always love them.

Parent tips for reading, books about

“What is parenting”

Life code Dr. Phil


Nanny Jo Frost confident baby care

Parenting quotes

Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day. Taylor Hanson

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D. Hull

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. Charles R. Swindoll

Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. P. J. O’Rourke

Children should have enough freedom to be themselves – once they’ve learned the rules. Anna Quindlen

Read more at 


What is parenting
Mother of 6 children and running a fulltime daycare since 2009









Teach the children well,

and we can change the future in a decade

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Toymail Free Voice Messaging For Kids, So Cute!

Update: Unfortunately, a warning came out for toys and devices like this. It has to do with the privacy and security of this toy.

You can read here my findings of the warning


This is quite a find! I like it a lot!
Toymail free Voice Messaging For Kids.
Can you imagine that you as mum or dad really have to work, and leave your kid in a daycare or at the babysit, and you have the opportunity to send your little girl or boy an instant message 🙂

Look at how it works, it makes you smile from ear to ear!

You got to love this little “Meatball”.

You connect the little mailman to your home Wifi
Then record a message anytime, anywhere, and send it to your sweetheart.
As you know, I am affiliated with the products I tell you about on my website, this “Mailman” isn’t having an affiliate program, but still I truly like this so much, so that’s why I wrote this post.

Toymail free Voice Messaging For Kids

 Toymail Free Voice Messaging For Kids
Toymail Mailman

When the mailman is snorting, wheezing or whining, your kid will know they’ve got a new message. And your child can respond directly from their toy.

I hope it will strengthen the band between family members who can’t be together through circumstances. You can order your MAILMAN here at Toymail

If you are interested in creating your own website, follow me on Wealthy Affiliate, the university for everybody with the largest knowledge library for Affiliate Marketing Education

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VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Review

PRODUCT: VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
Price: € 49,99
Overall Rank: Awesome

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

The VTech Kidizoom Action Camera is a waterproof “dashboard” camera for kids.

Play games and make motion movies.

Use the waterproof case to take underwater photos or mount the camera on your bike or skateboard and put all your exciting adventures, wherever you are!

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Super Cool gadget for cool kids!
  • Imagine, you put the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam on your skateboard, or go swimming with it!
  • This compact and multifunctional camera takes videos and photos with lots of cool edits and effects.
  • Your children are motivated to go and play outsite.
  • The device works on rechargeble batteries.
  • The price is doable.

The Bad:

  • They will make movies of their own accidents 🙁

Who is the VTech Kidizoom Action Camera For?
An awesome adventure for every kid!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam qualities:

  • The 128 MB internal memory is expandable with a microSD memory card up to 32GB (not included)
  • With a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Includes 7 different accessories such as a waterproof case, wrist strap and a bike-mounting piece
  • Sturdy and durable design

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Price: € 49,99

My Final Opinion of  VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
Just watch the video 🙂 I am enthusiastic!


I know for sure you will make your (grand)kids very, very happy with the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

Loes Knetsch gold

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Ways to Save the Environment

A blog full of questions, but you have to find the answers yourself.
Can we honestly tell our grandchildren that we didn’t had a clou? That we didn’t know about the melting icecap?
That we couldn’t prevent the felling of ancient forests?
That it is not our fault the water is getting polluted?
That we had no ways to save the environment?

Watch this impressive video from Prince Ea, after that we talk again.


Yes we will be sorry.
Sorry we did ignore the facts.
Sorry we do not have a “reserve earth”.
Sorry we only think about our own gain.
Sorry we messed thing up.

For what? For MONEY!

Money rules the world. And we are without scruple, wittingly, destroying the environment.

Can we really point a finger to governments, to industries, to multy-nationals?

Ways to Save the Environment?

Do you think before you buy something?
Do you know where your food comes from?
How do you throw your garbage away?How much energy do you use?

What kind of footprint do you leave on this planet?

Ways to Save the Environment!

OUR KITS are at stake!

Overcome your fear, and spread this words!
Use as much second hand articles as you can.
Recycle what ever you can.
Know we can change, stop and reverse this deadly process.
I am as much responsible as others.
Think before you do something.
Save this earth by working together as one!


Ways to save the environment
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