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Garbage art for kids


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This is Kids Art

Garbage Art for Kids

On this is kids art you find art and crafting ideas at low cost that Kids will Love. We work with cheap and waste materials.

The arts and crafting ideas presented here are made through children from 3 – 8 years of age, the paintings, paper flowers, home made apple cake,  the photo frames and a lot more.

You can find ideas for and from kids how to recycle garbage like glossy’s, old pots and pans, beer cans, tealight holders and egg trays etc.

Kids Art & Christmas- Easter

Kidsart pages with examples. Themes for Christmas and Easter holidays.  Also homemade gifts for Christmas or a birthday.

What’s Cooking

A few recipes to teach children the first principles for cooking and baking in an easy way.

The Gallery

Contains most pictures on this website, you can visit my gallery for an impression.

Tips & Tricks

ABC of all kinds of Tips & Tricks. Mostly Helpful Handy Household organization and cleaning Tips & Tricks.  Always handy to learn faster and quicker ways to do the household.

But also budgeting and  environmentally conscious tips.

My Blog

My blog on “this is kids art”, will enclose topics about education, awareness, interact with each other, the environment, human and animal, in short, a School of Life” blog

The Making of… work at home

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All my life I love to read. In my youth I could calmly skip half the night to read a book. My interest in the subject is changed, but my love for reading and poems has always remained.


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My name is Loes, I was born in 1960 and lived ever since…….read more


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this is kids art



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36 thoughts on “This is kids art”

  1. Hi Loes, brilliant idea you have. I have 6 grandchildren and there are times when I could use advice like your ideas found on the site… Thanks so much! Dave. 🙂

    1. Hi Dave, ideas enough to keep your grandkids busy:) most ideas are of low cost either, have a great time together:) Loes

  2. Great site Loes …. my mom though for 38 yrs at the primary level she would have loved your site … great ideas … well done …

    1. Hi Michel, thank you very much for the compliment, there are certainly great ideas for the primary level here, I understand you mom is not around here anymore, sorry to read that, Loes

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