Unique Handbag Key ring or Phone Hangers

These handmade unique bags hangers are almost pieces of art. They are so beautiful! You can use them as key rings and bag hangers. I even made two hangers for the walker of my mother and my mother-in-law.

The hangers, include the ring, are about 10-14 cm in length.

These cute handmade hangers are for sale for 14,99 euros each.

They are made from recycled beads and the white lace is in grandmother’s style.

Free shipment – The Netherlands only

You can contact me on the form below for further details. Payment can be done by PayPal, bank wire or cash (discount of 2,49) when you live in the neighborhood and want to drop by to get it in person.

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Christmas Pieces Of Hedera Ivy Plant

The ordinary ivy can very well be used for Christmas pieces.

What do you need?Chrismas pieces of hedera plant

  • Flowerpot
  • Oasis
  • 3 wooden plant sticks
  • rubber band
  • plant thread
  • 9 ivy stems
  • Battery Christmas lights
  • Ornament


  • Cutter
  • Glue gun

Soak the oasis in water and fill the flowerpot. Put in the 3 wooden sticks and tie them together on top with the rubber band. Stick the battery sleeve to the back of the flowerpot with the hot glue gun.

Attach the lights to the sticks. Cover the oasis with ivy leaves. Then put the 9 ivy branches around in the pot. Grab them on top and use the plant thread wire to hold them on top.

Wrap a nice piece of lace around it. Glue the ornament on the front of the flowerpot.

Quick, beautiful and easy!


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Kids Art Manual Fun Wobbly Hand

Manual Fun Wobbly Hand

Fun Wobbly Hand

What do you need?

  • An empty supplement jar
  • strong magnet (s)
  • Scissor
  • Stanley knife
  • hot bradawl
  • Cardboard
  • Adhesive foil
  • Camera
  • Double sided tape
  • A clip or empty tape roll


1. Cut off the bottom

Fun Wobbly Hand

2. Cut the jar, use about half of it

Fun Wobbly Hand

3. Glue a strong magnet in the lid or make holes and glue the magnets in the holes

 Fun Wobbly Hand

4. Let the child draw their hand and take a picture

5. Print the picture and glue it on the cardboard hand, plastify the hand with adhesive foil.

6. To get more grip you can glue an empty adhesive tape roll in the end with hot glue, and attach the hand on it. You can also use an old suspenders clip.


Enjoy making your child’s wobbly waving hand!


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Kids Art Birdshanger Manual

Kids art Birdshanger


What do you need?

  • A wooden hanger
  • Decorative Tape
  • Colored cardboard
  • Glue
  • Fishing thread

Make the hanger beautiful colored with decoration tape.

Cut out the pattern from the cardboard, double for the wings and the tail.

bird mobile pattern

kids art bird hanger manual

Fold the parts together, and put a Scottish tape around the tail. Connect it with fishers thread to the hanger in different heights.

birds mobile diy

Success creating your own unique birds’ mobile hanger.

Loes Knetsch





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The Best Christmas Gifts For All Ages 2017

Loes Knetsch ©

Here is my list of the nicest Christmas gifts for all ages for 2017 in random order.

  1. Pariot Bluetooth Handsfree Carkit + Handsfree bel  + FM Transmitter + 2 USB ports
  2. GoPro Accessories Camera Kit
  3. Headphone Bluetooth 4.1  Headset Earbuds Wireless
  4. Aluminum Creditcard holder / Anti-RFID
  5. ZeroX Sports Action Camera with Ultra 4K HD – 2 Inch LCD Screen | Wifi Certified | 16 MP | Waterresistent
  6. Imaginarium FAMILY SWEET HOME
  7. Wifi video doorbell with intercom + wireless bell
  8. Pill box Week 28 Compartments (7 days – 4 days) (Pillendoos Week 28 Compartments ( 7 days – 4-day portions)
  9. Buddha bracelet – set of 2 bracelets with bronze Buddha and symbol Ohm in the color matte black
  10. DoYourFitness – Office Ball Fitness Ball Pilates Ball – incl. Pump –  55cm
  11. Stepper inSPORTline EasyStep – I have this one in my childcare and the children are quite fond of it.
  12. Cashmere van Home-textiles – blanket
  13. Smooff Hipnic – Multifunctionele Picnic bag – Shiny Silver
  14. Star Shower Motion Projector + Remote
  15. Alecto COA-26 Carbon monoxide alarm – Alecto COA-26 Koolmonoxide melder
  16. Hoverboard 6,5, Rood, Samsung battery, Bluetooth, LED light with TAOTAO motherboard 700W – Red
  17. Hovercart for Hoverboard
  18. Mookie Swingball Championship
  19. Salta Combo Trampoline – 183 cm
  20. Youniversity Activity Centre
  21. Fisher-Price Learn Fun World Globe
  22. Longfield Games Kart holder 50 cm – Wood
  23. VTech Kidi SuperStar black – Karaoke Set
  24. Woodburn set deluxe (nr. 0261)
  25. Syma X5SW Drone Quadcopter Wifi live Cam FPV _Black Edition + 2 X 4stuks Alkaline batteries Original !!

Bol.com, Ordered Today, Delivered Tomorrow

(with a single exception)

It’s always hard to find the perfect Christmas gift, especially for elderly people. They have everything already, that’s why I thought about the carbon monoxide alarm and the cardholder.

For kids of 9+, the hoverboard is a topper! In combination with the hover cart, it becomes a very attractive and functional toy even to use for younger kids 6+.

The Youniversity Activity Centre and the Fisher-Price Learn Fun World Globe are educational responsible toys for the youngest of 1-4 years of age.

And who doesn’t want that silver cashmere blanket for cozy hours on the coach?

A few months back I bought the Stepper inSPORTline EasyStep – the kids of the daycare are quite fond of it.

Decorate wood and make your own nametag at the front door with the wood burner, the children here are having a lot of fun with it.

Key/chain/Pan flap racks

Read also my blog reviews about the best children’s toys and the worst children’s toys.

I believe and hope that I gave you lots of great ideas to go for Christmas shopping!
When you can’t find the perfect present in the list, you can visit Bol.com for more great shopping gift ideas

Enjoy your Christmas shopping!

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Manual for creative playground

This project is created by Jeffrey. (6, almost 7)

Manual for creative playground

What did Jeffrey use for this amazing playground?

  • A piece of cardboard (40cm x 30 cm)Manual for creative playground
  • Chestnuts
  • Toothpicks
  • Sate sticks
  • Colored paper (120gr.)
  • Jar lid and sand
  • Chenille thread
  • Cotton thread
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Little piece of cloth
  • Ice sticks
  • Duck tape
  • Scottish tape
  • Iron wire
  • A Dremel drill
  • Scissors
  • Prick to make holes in the chestnut

Jeffrey is a very creative boy, and when he starts out with a new idea, he just asks, do you have…. within no time the table is filled with material. And Jeffrey is working on his project from the battlefield. It’s really amusing to watch him 🙂

The Swing

4 chestnuts, 2 toothpicks, 2 sate sticks, cotton thread and chenille thread. He stuck it to the cardboard with Scottish tape

The Carousel

10 toothpicks, 1 sate stick, 2 chestnuts, cotton thread, puppets drawn on paper, stuck on the cardboard with Scottish tape.

The Slide

2 ice sticks with holes in it (Dremel drill) 5 toothpicks, 2 chestnuts, 2playground made by Jeffrey sate sticks, Ducktape and double-sided tape which he used to stuck the chestnuts to the cardboard.

The Sandpit

A jar lid, sand and 2 sided tape to stick it to the cardboard.playground made by Jeffrey

The Seesaw

Iron wire to make the frame and an ice stick for the seesaw. 2 paper puppets. The puppets are stick on the seesaw with double-sided tape. The frame is hooked to the cardboard.

The mother on bench

The bench he made of ice sticks connected with Ducktape. The mother is made of chenille thread and has a circle-skirt. She is taped to the bench with double-sided tape.

The Climbing Pole

Made by his sister Danique. Make holes with the Dremel drill, braid thread through the holes and leave a long thread to climb the pole on top. Put toothpicks through the holes. And “hang” a paper puppet in the climbing pole.

Top presentation of creativity Jeffrey!

Free Crafts Kids

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How to create animals of chestnuts?

Loes Knetsch ©

It’s the time of year again, the chestnut trees are letting their treasures fall. And all children are getting wild when you pass a chestnut tree.

What to do with all those chestnuts?

We create animals from the chestnuts.

Create Animals of chestnuts

How to create animals of chestnuts?

Necessities to create animals of chestnuts.

Animals of chestnuts necessities

  • Chestnuts
  • Toothpicks
  • Wobbly eyes
  • Sate sticks
  • Chenille wire
  • Prick
  • Glue

Make 4 little holes with the prick an stick in the toothpicks for the legs of the little animals.

Cut the toothpick in half for the neck, except when you make a giraffe, then you use a whole toothpick.

Prick the holes for the ears and tail. Stick in the ears and a tail from the chenille wire. Make a curly tail by winding the chenille wire around a pencil.

Animals of chestnut

Glue as last the wobbly eyes on the head.



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Recycle Old Greeting Cards Instruction Manual

Loes Knetsch ©

Not only you get a lot of Christmas and greeting cards, you also get a lot of cards send to you by charity instances you never will use. With this instruction manual, you can also make your own unique photo frame.

Here is a creative way to recycle old greeting cards

To make boxes, window chimes or unique photo frames.

What do you need for it?Window hanger

  • You have to find 6 similar old greeting cards
  • Make a mal
  • Coton thread and needle
  • Some beads
  • Charms (if you have them)
  • Prick and pad
  • Flowers from candle decoration

You can use anything for the decoration what you like.

1. Make a mal
Recycle Old Greeting Cards
2. Cut out the pieces

and number them on the back side

Recycle Old Greeting Cards mal

3. Prick holes in the card on a pad

Lay the patterns with the back sides towards each other and prick the holes together +/- 5 mm from the side. 1+1 and 2+2 etc.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards prick holes

4. Sew the sides

Sew the sides of the cards and leave a piece of thread 25-30 cm on both sides. You can use that to attach the beads and charms.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards sew

5. Lace top and bottom

Lace-up a piece of lace through the top and bottom.

Recycle Old Greeting Cards lace

6. Attach the top and bottom according to the numbers inside.

advertisement bol charms

7. Attach beads and charms
Recycling postcards

Kids really love to make these window chimes from old greeting cards! 10-year-olds can make it themselves, with the proper instructions. When they are younger, they need a helping hand. 4-year-olds can choose the cards and the beads and can make 2 or 3 stitches 😉

Creative Christmas wishes

When you are having plans to spend your Christmas days at your family or friends house, or you want to send a very special birthday wish to someone you love, you can create a special card for them this way too. You can put it in a box and send it by post.

Original photo frame for wedding pictures

Do you want to make something special from your wedding pictures? This might give you an idea too. I would stick the pictures on a piece of soft cardboard first, to give them more strength.

It will look very nice for sure between all average cards!

Happy recycling!

Loes Knetsch

Your hobby on a website

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Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

When you want to have something original, the airwheel self balancing electric unicycle is amazing!

airwheel self balancing electric unicycle


MANUFACTORY:  Metem Technology

CATEGORY:  Outdoor

AGE:  12 up


MATERIAL: synthetic

PRICE:  € 360


Product Description

Relaxed floating through the streets or stunting with your friends while you transport yourself from the station to school or work. That’s pure enjoyment! Enjoy the freedom this electric one-wheel-cycle will give you.

Your body is your steering wheel. By leaning forward slightly the airwheel accelerates up to 18 km / h. Braking is done by sitting back. Easy! Do not worry about your balance, the gyroscope together with the fuzzy logic software are always taking care for the right balance. So you can literally without falling move towards all sides.

Learning to ride on the Airwheel X3 is easy, within a few hours you have mastered it. The Airwheel X3 comes standard with a workout set of two side wheels that you can fix on the footpegs.

On a single charge of only 120 minutes (80% battery load in 90 minutes) the AirWheel battery X3 runs 18 to 23 kilometers. The unicycle is easy to carry in bus or train, thanks to the handle, the optional matching backpack can be ordered with it, and the Airwheels minimum weight is 9.8 kilograms. Conversely, the compact unicycle may carry 120 kilos.

Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Everyone is watching YOU!

The Airwheel is here and it is absolutely bonkers!
This self balancing one wheel electric unicycle scooter solves your transportation needs.

And although it is easy to learn, due to the balance side wheels, you really will feel some muscle ache the next day. When you own a pair of shin guards it’s recommended to wear a pair faced the inside of your shins until you’ve got the hang of it. The key is to shift your weight from one side to the other, and in the meanwhile keeping pressure on your feet so the wheel stays in motion.


Sale/Solden 2016
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The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages you will find at bol.com.
I have searched for presents suitable for all ages.

Some sales are temporary and only valid during a few weeks.

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Light Stax Christmas puzzle € 17,95

Light stax Christmas puzzle, Light Stax Kerstmis Puzzel
Light Stax Christmas Puzzle

Product specification
10 pieces
Users info
Suitable ages 2 – 99 jaar

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Smiffy Christmas Jumper Costume € 52,99

Smiffy Christmas Jumper Costume
Smiffy Christmas Jumper Costume

Product specification
Seizes – Regular fit
Users info
Age – 20-99

De leukste kerstmis cadeaus voor alle leeftijden

3D Christmas Tree € 7,99

#D Christmas tree
3D Christmas tree

Product specifications
Multi trendy color
Seize: 43,5 x 34 x 34 cm (lxbxh)
4 – 14 jaar

de leukste kerst kado's voor alle leeftijden

Santa Claus name apron € 15,95

Santa Claus name apron
Santa Claus name apron

Product specifications
Mijncadeautje.nl via Bol.com
Size: One size
Color: Multy
Age: 16 – 99 jaar

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Benza Santa hat with lights, LED € 6,25

Benza Santa hat with lights, LED

Product specifications
Brand: Benza
Size: One size
Color: Rood
Age: 12 – 1200 months

The nicest Christmas presents for all ages

Moulds nativity set complete € 48,95


Moulds nativity set complete
Moulds nativity set complete

Age: 8 – 99 jaar


Stars for Christmas tree shape – 12 pieces € 7,25

Stars for Christmas tree shape - 12 pieces

Product specifications
Stars – Firework
Age: 12 years and up

Christmas Border

Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20 – Hotair fryer – Black € 149,00

Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20 - Hotair fryer - Black
Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20 – Hotair fryer – Black

Product specifications
Color black
Cool Wall Yes
Insulated handle Yes
nonstick Yes
Non-slip feet Yes
Maximum capacity in gram 800 gram


Christmas border

Powerbank € 29,99 or € 19,99
with 1000 airmiles

TP-Link TL-PB10400 Powerbank 10400 mAh Power Bank – Wit | TP-Link

Award winning product!

Smart charging technology detects your devices, and load the quickest possible. Ideal for home, on the train, on a long flight or other outdoor activities where you have no outlet handy.

Smart charging technology
Smart charging technology

Product specifications
White, Blue
Brand TP-Link
Weight 350 grams
Packaging width 90
Packaging height 60
Packaging length 140
Package Contents TL-PB10400 Power Bank,
Micro USB cable,
carry case,

Christmas border

Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Black – Tablet € 239,00

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Black - Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Black – Tablet

Product specifications

Product information
brand Samsung
Color black
introduction 2015
2 year manufacturer warranty
Operating System Android 5.0
Internet Connections WiFi
Bluetooth Version 4

Christmas border

Catan Big Box € 54,99

Catan Big Box
Catan Big Box


What’s in the Catan Big Box?

Besides Catan basic game and the expansion Traders & Barbarians you will find two new game boards (Mallorca and New York). These include special rules in addition to the history of these two interesting locations. A tableau with two Berlin monuments gives players additional strategic opportunities. The variant “Helpers of Catan” offers solid character cards with special features for players. And as icing on the cake the Catan Big Box contains a pink set of pieces (including documents for Seafarers and Cities & Knights), which lets you substitute a different color.

Christmas border

Eiffel Tower-Night Edition – 3D puzzle € 26,99

Eiffel Tower-Night Edition - 3D puzzle
Eiffel Tower-Night Edition – 3D puzzle

Product specifications
Product Type: 3D puzzle
Recommended age: 12 years and older
Boys and girls
Players From 1 to 2 players
Weight: 0,581 kg
Dimensions: 27.4 x 6.9 x 19.3 cm (LxWxH)

Christmas border

Headphones from € 6,88 to € 350,00


Always a good choice, to give a headphone.

Christmas border

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker – Black € 34,99

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker - Black
Misfit Flash Activity Tracker – Black

Keeps track of all your movements – healthy living

Product specifications
Brand: Misfit
Color: Wave, fuchsia, black, reef, red, white
In the box fitness tracker clasp + flash + sport band + battery
Dimensions (W x H x D) 28.5 x 28.5 x 8 mm
Weight 63 g
materials Polycarbonate

Christmas border

MP3 Players from € 19,99 to € 79,99

MP3 players
MP3 players

Nice to give, nice to get 🙂

Christmas border

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle – Dartbord € 47,49

For endless playing fun

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle - Dartbord
Winmau Blade 4 Bristle – Dartbord

Product specifications
Age Warning Not suitable for children under 3 years
Product Type: Dartboard
Recommended age: 8-99 years
Boys and girls
Reviews: Quality Good

Longfield Gift Set Soft and Steeltip Darts € 7,99

Longfield Gift Set Soft and Steeltip Darts
Longfield Gift Set Soft and Steeltip Darts

Christmas border

Ice cream makers from € 26,95 to € 1099,00

Ice cream makers
Ice cream makers

High differences in price-quality ratio.

Christmas border

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Visit my wealthy affiliate profile
Visit my wealthy affiliate profile


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