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Free Crafts Kids, Art and Crafting Ideas
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This site is made for parents and educators.
Full with creative ideas to keep kids busy during rainy days.
Parental tips and housekeeping tricks.

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56.Teabag holder

55.Key/Chain/Pan flap racks

54.Buttons Bracelet

53.Cord Pegs

52.Loom Bands

51.Scary Head

50.Harley Davidson Motorcycle

49.Cup of tea

48.Apple photo frame tree

47.Heart with flowers

46.Filegran Camera

45.Wooden card

44.Box of kisses

43.Charity boards



40.Butterflies from wallpaper samples

39.Creative with crockery

38.Wish Card with Glossy

37.Mirror with Glossy

36.Wind Chime

35.Gardening for Fathers day

34.Home-baked Cookies as gift


32.Mothers day Heart

31.Office Box

30.Scripture Covers

29.Jar with photo

28.Everlasting calendar

27.Original flower vase

26.Paper flower

25.1st prize

24.Piramide tetra pack

23.Decorative Candlelight

22.Pencil tube

21.Changeover photo frame

20.Spongebob and Patrick straws

19.Recycled tetra pack boxes

18.A purse from Glossies

17.Jenga Keychains

16.Painting with leaves

15.I love dad

14.Magic Beer Cans


12.An other cup of coffee

11.Flowers and feathers

10.Decorate T-shirts

9.Holiday dairy

8.School drawing holder

7.Spacious Painting

6.Real kids art

5.Pampering the Birds


3.Bow & Arrow

2.Paper Treasure Box

1.Color with wool

56.Teabag holder

teabag holderMini Jenga block, loom straps, electro staple

55.Key/Chain/Pan flap racks

Ladle, loom straps, brackets, deco wood burner, varnish

54.Buttons Bracelet

The old button box of grandma, cotton thread, and some ribbon

buttons bracelet

Baste the silver buttons along the ribbon,  knot with a bow.

buttons bracelet diy

53.Cord Pegs

To identify cords of DVD, TV and BlueRay devices or to keep a phone or tablet cord rolled up.

What do you need?

Rubber foam of different colors, glue, scissors, permanent writer, little eyes, and pegs. Cut the foam, glue it together and write the device on the side of the peg.

creative cord peg DIY

creative cord peg DIY

52.Loom Bands

The mania is over and in each recycle store you can get the loom bands now for almost free, and it is still fun to do for children. Loom bands, loom bag hanger with charms, loom bands with beads

Loom bag hanger with charms, loom bands, loom with beads loom with charms

Make your own Loom device, find a square block of wood, tape some pencils on it and you are ready to go!

Loom band device diy

51.Scary Head

Paper maché around a balloon. paint it when it’s dry. Remove the balloon, make a hole for the jar (upside down) and place a battery light in it.

Scary head paper mache

50. Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Cardboard for the back, find a real nice motorcycle for colouring, enlarge it 300% in paint, start puzzling, stick it on the cardboard and paint it in nice colors. This motorcycle is 1.5 meter 🙂

harley davidson for dad

49. Cup of tea

Cardboard for the back, cardboard for the cup. Decorate the cup with nice stuff. Add the teabags.

Cup of tea
Cup of tea

48. Apple photo frame tree

Quite a bit of prefab-work. A piece of MDF saw a tree and apples.

For the children, paint the tree and apples, glue it all together with montage-kit. Put the pictures behind the apple frames.

Apple tree photo frame
Apple tree photo frame

47. Heart with flowers

In the secondhand shop, you can find a lot of basic material. We found this iron thread heart. Decorated it with lovely flowers and filled it with fiber threads.

heart with flowers
heart with flowers

46. Filegran Camera

On the left the original picture, on the right the one we have made 🙂

45. Wooden card

Take a piece of MDF, paint it and write a little poem on it, then decorate the capitals with buttons. Terrific success especially for boys!


Wooden card
Wooden card

44. Box of kisses

Cardboard, wallpaper, lace, a little charm, decorated paper, masking tape, double sided tape.

Creative with wallpaper, Make a box with wallpaper Make a box

Charm with lace Kissis inside

Little card

43. Charity boards

Charity board Charity board

Two wooden underplates, decorated with nice wallpaper. The left one has also wallpaper on the pegs. The pegs are pinned on a rubber rope. Between the pegs, you can clip pennies for the tithingman.

It’s intended that this board hangs at the front door. Now everybody is increasingly pinning, almost no one has any cash in their home for the tithingman. You can fill the board with 10 dollars or euros.

42. Memorandum


Buy a wooden underplate and glue some nice wallpaper on the back. This one is made for fathers day, so it’s decorated with a grocery list of the child ;), a little poem and some drawing and the days of the week. The chain with pegs is a leftover from a Christmas card decoration.

41. Bookmarker



40. Butterflies from wallpaper samples

Creative with wallpaper
Creative with wallpaper

What do you need: Wallpaper samples, colored cardboard, a box (shoebox, old gift box) glue.

Butterfly pattern

39. Creative with crockery

Etagére for snacks

Go to the pawn shop and find a collection of old crockery, dishes with different measures. And of course, a suitable glue to paste it all tidy together. Top it of with an egg cup, a little vase, a cup or a porcelain figurine.

38. Wish Card with Glossy or cardboard

Wish Card with Glossy
Wish Card with Glossy

House Wishing Card: Cut out a form, a house, a car, a bottle, whatever is appropriate. Then Find a lot of Lucky quotes, type and print them, roll up around a thread and then put them into a glossy roll. You can pull the little quotes out. Also very suitable for a dollar bill or a lottery ticket.

Wishing card
Lego Friends Wishing Card DIY

Lego Friends Wishing Card to give money in an original way. A Card with candles. Find a picture of lego friends and print it, add some colored cardboard. Find some puzzles, happy birthday song, roll them up in a piece of pink cardboard. Stick the rolls with on the card with a glue-pistol and make sure they can pull out the wish rolls ánd money rolls.

37. Mirror with Glossy

This needs some patience, quite a lot of rolls to make, we used little paint pencils to roll the paper around. Glued with a glue pistol and cut of after gluing with a Stanley-knife. To get a perfect circle you put a plate in the middle.

36. Wind Chime

Wind Chime
Wind Chime


This Wind chime is made of a baby powder tin, with rolled up glossy around and for the sweet sound “buttons and color pencils” hanging on cotton colored thread. The thread is attached to the plastic lid, which I have cut a bit smaller to fit into the tin.

35. Gardening for Fathers day

This starts, of course, several weeks before fathers day. Seed the tomato and the paprika. Let the children fill the pot with potting soil, make holes with a screwdriver and slip the root into the hole. Give some water  Let them color on carton their favorite image and write some text to cover the pot and wrap it in cellophane. Finish it off with some lace and a little “I love you dad” card.

34. Home-baked Cookies as Gift

Home baked Cookies as special present
Home-baked Cookies as special present

My granddaughter earned her 3rd swimmers diploma C, and what’s nicer then to bake some cookies and make a gift wrap around it.
The box was previous filled with Merci Chocolate and recycled into a cookies box.  The bottom covered with aluminum foil, then filled with cookies.

33. Key-ring-holder

Make from a simple drawing something extraordinary. Let your child draw her/his favorite car, plane,  house or tank… on a piece of MDF. Saw the contour, paint it with varnish and attach hooks on it.

6-year-old drawing a tank

32. Mothers day Heart

Last month we made (again) something special for mothers day. Very rewarding, because Mom is the Best 🙂

You saw the heart form from MDF and let the children paint it with white paint, then let them draw stripes with a fork. Use a glue pistol  to glue everything on it. Stones, shells, tealight holder, and dried twigs. You can also highlight the twigs with white paint. The shell can be used to store (ear) rings and the heart is originally for on the dressing table.

31. Office Box

Supplies: 3 Tetra packs, blackboard paint, double sided tape, adhesive alu foil and 10 Christmas lights.

Tools: Little screwdriver, a scissor, a Stanley knife (to cut the tetra pack, do not let the child do this, DIY!)


DIY office box with lights
Office box with lights

DIY office box lights tetra pack
Office box with lights from tetra packs

30. Scripture Covers

When you want to make an original gift from ordinary scriptures

You need old fashion brown wrapping paper,  double sided tape and suitable colored paper. Hover over pictures for guidance.

29. Jar with photo

This requires a bit of photoshopping and a particular pose, regarding the background. The children have to “fit in”

One is crazy about tanks, so he sits on a tank. The other likes soccer and has the body of a famous soccer player. The third likes racing cars, as you can see. They decorated the jars with camouflage, soccer balls, and car logos.

28. Everlasting calendar

perpetual calendar everlasting
Everlasting calendar

Use 102-160mg white paper.

Cut 12 pieces of paper 10cmx7cm, 7 pieces of paper 80cmx7cm and 31 pieces of paper 60cmx70cm. Print on colored paper the names of the months and the weeks. Let the children stamp the dates and apply a sticker to each page.


27. Original flower vase

Cut the upper half from a PET bottle in slices, and dip it in hot water, they will curl up. Attach the bottle on an old CD and fill with flowers.

CD petbottle flower vase
CD pet bottle flower vase

Free Crafts Kids

26. Paper flower

Made from flower printed wrapping paper. Just cut different sized flowers from the paper and attach them to a pipe cleaner with at the end a bead.

Wrappaper flowers
Wrap paper flowers 2

25. 1st prize

With a cake cup paper form, some felt, buttons and lace you can make a perfect 1st prize.

1st price
1st Price


24. I want a Pyramid

Oké, how do you have that in mind? Where do we make that from?

I want to braid him with those things where we have also made the boxes from.

Tetra packs!

This is the result, a pyramid tepee

Pyramid Tepee

23. Decorative Candlelight

Decorative Candlelight
Decorative Candlelight

Some baby food jars, lace, and colored tape will do the job.

22. Pencil tube

Pencil tubes
Pencil tube

You need a few WC-rolls, favorite drawings,  decorative material, any kind will do, and an old CD

Pencil tubes
Pencil tube







21. Changeover photo frame

Cut some circles from colored paper, stick colored tape on the pegs and fix the picture with the peg.

picture frame
picture frame
picture frame
picture frame


Glue a lace behind the photo frame so you can hang it on the wall.

You can change the favorite pictures anytime

20. Spongebob and Patrick straws

Print a black and white drawing picture out on yellow and pink paper, or draw them yourself, the kids can glue socks and eyes on them and add some colors. Stick them with double- sided – tape on the straws.

Spongebob straw
Spongebob straw

19. Recycled tetra packs boxes

Remove the top and bottom from the tetra packs.  Cut strips from 1/2-1 inch and braid them into a square mat. And tape all over. Then, like you learned in your period on nursery school, fold a box. For the lid, you make the strips a little bit broader.

Tetra pack boxes
Tetra pack boxes

18. Are Glossy magazines recyclable?

Yes, they are. I always found it a shame to throw those beautiful Glossy’s in the old paper  box, so we found a way to recycle Glossies. We have made a purse from it, but you can even make a creative paper bag from it. Glossy paper is very sturdy and perfect for crafting.

Glossy purse
Glossy purse
Glossy purse
Glossy purse

A purse from Glossies

Tear pages out of the Glossy and fold them into strips of 1/2 – 1 inch, braid a square mat of it. Stick the mat completely with adhesive tape cut the mat straight and fold it into three.

Sew a button on it and make a Velcro closure

There lies a real artist in every child, one of them asks: “Can you print out “I love you” a hundred thousand times for me? So I can fold an I love you purse, a wonderfull idea for a homemade gift for Valentine. Kids are inventive in making art and elevate it into a craft.

Glossy purse
Glossy purse

You can see on the above picture what you need for transferring Glossies into purses or boxes.

17. Jenga Keychains

In the second-hand circuit, I found the game Jenga.

For fathers day, mothers day or birthdays you can make this present.

We searched in the store’s wallpaper samples and we used a vinyl tablecloth and lace, further, you need a particular type of bracket (see picture) and double-sided tape.

When you have a smooth wallpaper you can personalize the key chain by printing the person’s name on it.

Jenga key chain
Jenga key chain

And you can pimp it up with ribbon, beads, rings and clips


JengaFree Crafts Kids

16. Painting with leaves

You get the most creative results when you use leaves as a brush

Just dip the leave in the paint, put it on the paper and watch!and when you have finished your painting,you can use it to wrap or decorate anything.

Painting with leaves
Painting with leaves
Painting with leaves
Painting with leaves


Painting with leaves boxes
Painting with leaves boxes


We used empty soap boxes

and we have made a handle on from an old bicycle tire

15. “I -DAD”

I love dad

What a joy to get such a present as Dad

For this you need a printer, to print the apps, black cardboard (in this case an old shoebox, had a lovely shine) and a lot of inspiration to invent what you place behind the apps.

f.i. we printed an I love you mail in letter form 8, we made a thumbs up foto film, made the keyword “(love)”, made up an “I’m here, daddy twitter account, put a picture in, etc.

15. Every app contains a message
I-pad I dad I love dad
I love dad

We created an “I love DAD” envelope as gift wrap.

14. Magic Beer Cans


Give beer cans a new life as  a flower pot or tealight holder.

Use an old scissor.

Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans












Prepare the cans for the children in advance, so they only have to fold

The kids have to be warned to be careful, it can be sharp

Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans
Creative with beercans











13. Money-box

For this, we used a pringle bus. Make in the lid a money slit. We have pasted it with blackboard foil. On top of that a few thumbnail pictures from the boy or girl with funny faces. Accompanied with inscriptions such as Wealth and Treasure and a piece of chalk with it. At last, we made a hanging cord from lace and beads.

Piggy bank from pringle bus
Piggy bank from pringle bus

Art and Crafting Ideas at Low Cost that Kids will Love

12.  An other cup of coffee

Teacups for the birds
Teacups for the birds
Teacups for the birds
Teacups for the birds





For this, you need a cup and saucer, a wooden stick, some seeds and peanuts, and a glue gun.

The kids where so proud of their homemade gifts for the birds.

The birds loved them!

11. Flowers and feathers

Flowers and feathers
Flowers and feathers
Flowers and feathers
Flowers and feathers

Go into the garden and pick a few flowers, or if you don’t have flowers, take some twigs, combine it with the feathers and put them in a jar or pot.


10. Decorate T-shirts

You only need a white T-shirt and textile markers.

Tip: extra option is theme related readymade ironing patterns

You can see, we used them too.

painting T-shirts
Textile pencils
painting T-shirts
High five
painting T-shirts
T-shirt painting

9. Holiday dairy

Holiday Dairy
Holiday Dairy



To write down all your adventures. To paste all your pictures and everything you want to keep as a memento You need cardboard, wrap paper, some ribbon and fill it up with drawing paper attached to each other with a few clamps. Put it inside with double-sided tape, also used to stick the wrapping paper on the cardboard.

8. School drawing holder

School drawing holder
School drawing holder

You probably can imagen how much school drawing went by over the years. At first my own 6 through nursery school, and now my babysitting children. That brought me to this idea, a school drawing holder. Cardboard, with WCrol with felt glued around it. Before gluing the felt, we have sewn buttons on it for decoration. At least, the children learned how to sew a button!

7. Spacious Painting, real Kids Art

WCrol and egg tray

Spacious painting WC rolls
Space toilet rolls
Spacious painting WC rolls
The start spacious painting






Paint the egg tray and then cut the rolls in different sizes, and paint them too. Put them together with a glue gun. Attach a ribbon, and finished!

Spacious painting WC rolls
Spacious painting


You read it faster than it was made, this takes a few hours.

6. Real kids art

Kids art
Kids art idea
Kids art
Real art

masking tape, empty tealight holders, tin wire,  black, and silverpoint, and an idea! The bottom left is an old CD.

Real kids craft art

For those who prefer to buy something

Free Crafts Kids

Art and Crafting Ideas at Low Cost that Kids will Love

5. Pampering the Birds

For this you need the lower half of a milk carton, attach on the 4 corners thin wire. Let the kids stringing peanuts and tie them together with a loop on top, so you can hang it in a tree.

Make some holes in the milk carton and stick a few twigs and leaves in it for decoration. Fill up the carton with seeds.

treat for birds
For the birds
treat for birds
treat for birds




4. Pop-up-poP

This idea is from a 6-year-old, he came up with it! I want to make a surprise puppet, but I don’t know how. Can you please help me? Sometimes kids put you in the middle of your creative “think tank”,  they just expect you to come up with an idea!

For this, you need a  bottom removed pet bottle, a stick, an old stocking and some cloth and tread.

Bind the stocking on the stick, fill the head with anything, put the stick through the pet bottle and the stocking around it, that the base.

pop up pop

Give her a nice dress, some hair, and a face!

3. Bow & Arrow

This creative crafting idea is from one of the children,  he wanted to make an arrow and bow. So we went together into the garden and cut some suitable branches. Searched a few fethers and a row and made his wish come thru.

bow and arrow
arrow and bow

But that wasn’t enough, he needed a socket too. Luckily we found an empty Pringle bus, and with a few ajustments, he could go off to hunt.

2. Paper Treasure Box

Today we are gone make a paper box, I drew the pattern of the box on my computer and the children gave me their favorite pictures for the surfaces. After we printed them out, we glued the pattern on heavy cardboard. Then cut it out and fold it into a box.

Kubus with favorite pictures

1. Color with wool

Double-sided tape is so handy when you are crafting.

In this case, we used it to color with wool. Print a picture, tape it with double-sided tape and stick the little pieces of wool on it.

This  cool drawing idea has a remarkable effect.

coloring with jern
Coloring with jern

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