Be the Circle

My father always said: ” When 7 billion people throw 1 cash receipt a day in the trash, you miss the chance to save 3 million trees a year.”

Be the Circle means: The act of one person can matter to this world.

Be the Circle means: Be the change.

Be the Circle means: Be the environment.

We only have one planet

The future is too important to be left to adults.

Steven Vromman & Ilona Plichart  wrote a dutch book about our priceless treasure, Earth! And I truly hope someone is going to translate this book in multiple languages.

Be the circle
We hebben maar één planeet


We hebben maar één planeet

Price € 5,–


[Dutch: De toekomst is te belangrijk om over te laten aan de volwassenen. Daarom is er nu dit boek voor Low Impact Kids. Want elk kind en elke jongere kan het verschil maken.]

[Quote:The future is too important to be left to the adults. Therefore, there is now this book for Low Impact Kids. Because every child and young person can make a difference. This provocative guide is packed with tips and tricks: what can you do to use less energy yourself? Where do you look for when buying a cell phone? How do you persuade your parents to agree to all vegetarian cooking?]

Teach the children well, and we can change the world in one decade.


Loes Knetsch

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2 thoughts on “BE THE CIRCLE”

  1. Hey Loes

    I liked your care towards our environment. I did not knew that just 1 receipt is doing that amount of damage.
    I’ll think twice now when i buy something.
    Thanks for the insight and will be definitely back to read more about this subject


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