airwheel self balancing electric unicycle

Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

When you want to have something original, the airwheel self balancing electric unicycle is amazing!

airwheel self balancing electric unicycle


MANUFACTORY:  Metem Technology

CATEGORY:  Outdoor

AGE:  12 up


MATERIAL: synthetic

PRICE:  € 360


Product Description

Relaxed floating through the streets or stunting with your friends while you transport yourself from the station to school or work. That’s pure enjoyment! Enjoy the freedom this electric one-wheel-cycle will give you.

Your body is your steering wheel. By leaning forward slightly the airwheel accelerates up to 18 km / h. Braking is done by sitting back. Easy! Do not worry about your balance, the gyroscope together with the fuzzy logic software are always taking care for the right balance. So you can literally without falling move towards all sides.

Learning to ride on the Airwheel X3 is easy, within a few hours you have mastered it. The Airwheel X3 comes standard with a workout set of two side wheels that you can fix on the footpegs.

On a single charge of only 120 minutes (80% battery load in 90 minutes) the AirWheel battery X3 runs 18 to 23 kilometers. The unicycle is easy to carry in bus or train, thanks to the handle, the optional matching backpack can be ordered with it, and the Airwheels minimum weight is 9.8 kilograms. Conversely, the compact unicycle may carry 120 kilos.

Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Everyone is watching YOU!

The Airwheel is here and it is absolutely bonkers!
This self balancing one wheel electric unicycle scooter solves your transportation needs.

And although it is easy to learn, due to the balance side wheels, you really will feel some muscle ache the next day. When you own a pair of shin guards it’s recommended to wear a pair faced the inside of your shins until you’ve got the hang of it. The key is to shift your weight from one side to the other, and in the meanwhile keeping pressure on your feet so the wheel stays in motion.


Sale/Solden 2016
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    1. Yes, this looks really great, Martin, I am too old for it, but I have seen youngsters riding it, and it’s a pity we didn’t have this in my younger years:)

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