About Me & a bit about how this website arose

Hello, nice to see you here, on my at low Me and my momcost website.

Because that’s what this site is about, to stimulate the artist in every child, in a cheap manner on a rainy day, with no means.

Most of the art and crafting ideas are made from waste material. We try to find various ways to recycle trash.

My blog will attend awareness and insights about life issues. Environmental problems, education, and responsible toys.

Let me tell you something about me.

My name is Loes, I was born in 1960 and lived ever since rather hectically, during this over 50 years overlap I enriched my life with 6 children.  Became a granny of 4 wonderful treasures.

Since 2009 I am self – employed.

I love to work with children and develop and create art, and awareness.

You can make beautiful jewelry from a broken bicycle tire and some beads from a necklace you won’t wear anyway. Make a purse from a glossy. Or a bag from a tetra pack.

There is one thing for sure what connected us here…KIDS….a precious wealth, teach your children well, in every child sleeps an artist.

For now, sit back and click here to enjoy our presentation, all made by children under 12 years.

If you have any questions or ideas about kids art and craft, please feel free to contact me at


That was about me, now a little about how this website arose.

This website has become reality by the support and helpful community of Wealthy Affiliate. The very active members helped me step over boundaries and encouraged me to go for it.

about me

Thank you all, in particular, Kyle and Carson,
founders of this profound project.


Loes Knetsch

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10 thoughts on “About Me & a bit about how this website arose”

  1. Hi Loes. Don’t usually read pages on kids stuff as we don’t have any. But due to your natural artistic ability I was curious about your website. And it’s presented as lots of fun.

    If you live in the country or have a garden have the kids pick some plants and let them dry. Then soak them (so they don’t break while you work) and do some basket weaving. I did some when I was about nine.

    1. Hi Helen, thank you very much, I am always open for new ideas! At the moment I have my holiday. The end of August the daycare is starting again. I will look into this 🙂 Loes

  2. I appreciate the link Loes 🙂 And the header looks perfect!!

    Although, if you don’t mind, could you link it to my other website? theinternetwealthjourney.com

    I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂

  3. Hi Loes

    Thanks for the informative about page.
    I do not know that you can recycle things to make something for children, is good to learn something new everyday

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